By Cynthia Lord

Created By Audrey Buss

Catherine likes to go with her mother and autistic brother to occupational therapy. Catherine meets Jason there and they begin to grow closer and become best of friends. Kristi, Catherine's neighbor, wants her to go to the dance, but Catherine has nobody to go with. Kristi reminds her, she can always go with Jason. Will Catherine go with Jason to the dance?

Type of conflict is man vs. man

Catherine just wants a normal life, but its hard to be normal with little autistic, David in the family. Catherine believes that everything revolves around David and her parents pay more attention to David than her.

"It''s hard enough to make new friends without David doing something embarrassing. I just want it to be nice today, a fun cookout with nothing going wrong." p.60

"If there is no struggle, there is no progress." -Fredrick Douglass

"Talking to David can be like a treasure hunt, You have to look underneath the words to figure out what he's trying to say." -Catherine
Christina Perri - Human Lyrics

Christina Perri - Human

I choose this song because it reminds me of David because since he is autistic and different than everybody else, he is still a human. David gets made fun of in the book by this older kid named Ryan, Catherine gets mad and stands up for David.