It's Bracelet Time with Origami Owl

Whoooooo wants a bracelet?

Origami Owl bracelets are now available to purchase!

Which one is right for you? The Link Locket bracelet or the Dangle bracelet? Or do you just have to have both?!! They are both available to purchase now. So contact me right away to get your order in.


Phone: 252-757-3558


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Bracelet Pricing

Link Locket with 7" or 8" Bracelet Chain in Silver: $56

Link Locket with 7" or 8" Bracelet Chain in Gold: $60

7" or 8" Dangle Bracelet in Silver: $18

7" or 8" Dangle Bracelet in Gold: $20

(Add a mini locket to the Dangle Bracelet for $20-$30)

*Prices do not include tax or shipping

More Information about our awesome new Link Lockets

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Our awesome new Link Lockets can be worn with our bracelet links or with our fabulous new Over-the-Heart chains giving you lots of options! Wear it on your bracelet chain one day and on your necklace the next. The patent pending hinged links allow you to connect the Link Locket to either one. And our new Link Lockets offer a new way to access and change out your charms. Simply give it a "twist" to remove the lid.

Kim Simpkins - Senior Team Leader & Independent Designer, Origami Owl