Health Care

Should all americans have a right to basic Heathcare?

Supreme Court will take up health care reform. The Supreme Court announced today that it wll take up the healthreform law. deciding the constitutionality of the law’s “individual mandate.” The mandate is the health reform law’s requirement that all Americans carry some sort of health insurance or pay a penalty. Although it has passed most court challenges to date, striking down the individual mandate could be fatal to the law.How does the health care reform affect children? We’re so glad you asked. Check out our past blog posts about how the law is helping some families get care for their kids.

ObamaCare's "failure"

 Unfortunately, the transformation in American health care set in motion by Obamacare will take us in precisely the wrong direction. The bill, itself more than 2,400 pages long, relies on a dense web of regulations, fees, subsidies, excise taxes, exchanges, and rule-setting boards to give the federal government extraordinary control over every corner of the health care system. The costs are commensurate: Obamacare added a trillion dollars in new health care spending. To pay for it, the law raised taxes by $500 billion on everyone from middle-class families to innovative medical device makers, and then slashed $500 billion from Medicare.Obamacare was unpopular when passed, and remains unpopular today, because the American people recognize that a government takeover is the wrong approach. While Obamacare may create a new health insurance entitlement, it will only worsen the system’s existing problems. When was the last time a massive government program lowered cost, improved efficiency, or raised the consistency of service? Obamacare will violate that crucial first principle of medicine: “do no harm.” It will make America a less attractive place to practice medicine, discourage innovators from investing in life-saving technology, and restrict consumer choice.In short, President Obama’s trillion dollar federal takeover of the U.S. health care system is a disaster for the federal budget, a disaster for the constitutional principles of federalism, and a disaster for the American people

Mitt Romney's "plan"

On his first day in office, Mitt Romney will issue an executive order that paves the way for the federal government to issue Obamacare waivers to all fifty states. He will then work with Congress to repeal the full legislation as quickly as possible.In place of Obamacare, Mitt will pursue policies that give each state the power to craft a health care reform plan that is best for its own citizens. The federal government’s role will be to help markets work by creating a level playing field for competition. Restore State Leadership and FlexibilityMitt will begin by returning states to their proper place in charge of regulating local insurance markets and caring for the poor, uninsured, and chronically ill. States will have both the incentive and the flexibility to experiment, learn from one another, and craft the approaches best suited to their own citizens.

Why is health care important?

Well I honestly believe health care is important because people are always sick. At times others are selfish for persuaded to pay taxes for health care, but it could possibly help you whenever you may need it! That's the reason I think health care is important. Everyone's opinion is different.why don't you think of prevention then would need less health care. This country makes too much money taking care of the symptoms not the disease or prevention by way of pharmaceuticals and surgeons.