The Covey/March


Director of Operations - Craig Palm

Greetings Alvamar Members –

I came on early last year to facilitate the transition from Alvamar, Inc. to Eagle 1968, LC (Fritzel Family). Now that the transition has been completed, I will be moving on to my next project. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at Alvamar. I had the pleasure of getting to know several of you and wish to continue corresponding down the road. Orion Management operates several courses around the Kansas City area and I will be moving to manage one of the courses on the Missouri side. We welcome Wes Lynch as he will be overseeing the Alvamar project moving forward. Wes comes to us from Jayhawk IMG Sports Marketing, which manages the media rights for Kansas Athletics. He and his wife, Debbie, currently live in Olathe and are very excited about making the move to Lawrence. I will be splitting my time at Alvamar and our course in Liberty for the next few weeks and I will be working closely with Wes and the Alvamar staff on project and events planning for 2016 and beyond.

As many of you may already know, all operations have moved to the Championship Clubhouse and will remain there for most of 2016. Valerie and Jan will continue billing and member services out of the upper shop. We are in the process of moving our phones to the upper shop and hope to have that up and running shortly. If you need to get in touch with staff please use the Championship Pro Shop number for now, 785-842-1907. The pro shop staff will get you in touch with the person you are attempting to reach. Eric will continue golf operations out of the upper clubhouse with Jen providing limited F&B services to our events and players. You can visit Chef Matthew and Sous-Chef Ron over at the Eldridge. They will be working closely with the planning staff and both will be back once the kitchen operation opens back up at the new clubhouse.

I would like to personally thank all the member committees for all help with events and planning, also the time you sacrificed in making Alvamar the Place to Play. Without your dedicated and professional help, I would have been way in over my head. I wish you well and hope to see you out on the course.

F & B - Jen Nuessen

No one has been more surprised by the recent changes at Alvamar than your Food & Beverage Staff but at the same time, no one is more excited than the staff for the upcoming improvements.

The Fritzel family has worked with staff members to temporarily relocate many of them to other properties in town. Chef Matthew Michael-Cox and Sous Chef Ron Ellis have taken up residence at the Eldridge Hotel for the duration of the clubhouse renovations. Many members will be thrilled to know that your favorite Sunday Brunch cook, Pete Sethatut, is working at the Eldridge as well. He can be found at the hotel every Sunday greeting familiar faces from Alvamar. Most of the hourly staff has found employment outside of Alvamar however, there are a few familiar faces that are staying around to work in the snack bar and on the beverage carts.

Food service at Alvamar will be limited this spring and summer. The snack bar in the public Clubhouse is not equipped with kitchen equipment, ventilation, or a fire suppression system so our capacities are restricted. New grills will be purchased enabling some outdoor BBQs on weekends and for special events. On a day to day basis the snack bar will be stocked with hot dogs, brats, deli sandwiches, salads, chips, candy and other “on the go” items for golfers. Additional tables and chairs were brought up from the members clubhouse along with seven flat screen TV’s in an effort to make the snack bar more comfortable for our guests. Beverage cart service will begin gradually in March as weather permits and run daily as soon as the warm weather is here to stay. Liquor, beer, soda and Gatorade will be offered on the carts as it has been in years past.

Finally, Kursten Minnis is headed for new opportunities outside of Alvamar. Kursten’s hard work and dedication to Alvamar will be greatly missed by coworkers and members alike. In my three years at Alvamar it has been my privilege to work with and learn from Kursten. She always had the members’ best interest in mind and Alvamar in her heart. I’ve come to greatly respect her as a coworker and friend. The entire F&B department wishes her all the best in her future endeavors.

The Food & Beverage staff is extremely excited about returning to a brand new kitchen and renovated dining facility in the fall. We look forward to all of our Alvamar members celebrating the newly improved clubhouse with us in a few months.

I’ll see you at the club,


Are you thinking 2016 is finally the time that you need to get serious about playing better golf? If you would like to shave some strokes and start hitting more fun shots, Biggest Loser may be the program for you. How does Biggest Loser work? Each Biggest Loser contestant receives twenty-eight half hours of instruction with Paul Hooser, Director of Instruction. Additionally each contestant may attend the Tuesday evening supervised practice group at no additional charge.

Why do I call them contestants? Each participant is competing against all the other participants to see which one reduces their handicap by the greatest percentage. The beginning handicap for each will be established as of March 1. The final handicap will be as of the November 1, 2016 handicap revision. The top three contestants will receive prizes from the Titleist golf company. The fee for the 2016 Biggest Loser is $1,100. Call today and get started on the journey to better golf. Call Paul at 785-842-1907 or email

In addition to Biggest Loser there are programs offering each golfer the opportunity for any number of sessions that might make sense for their game. You can view the options at on the academy drop down. Don’t see something you like? We can come up with a custom plan for each golfer. For those that prefer group settings, those are on the website as well. The 2016 season is getting started. It’s time to get in the game.

Farewell from Kursten Minnis, Director of Event Sales & Marketing

Members & Friends

I came to Alvamar in 2008 with a simple plan to work in the golf industry in order to make connections and play more golf. What followed, I never expected. I played much LESS golf but I was given the opportunity to work with and meet the most amazing and special people. I learned I like Catbackers and listened to endless stories from some of KU’s finest. Alvamar's history and the people who've walked through its doors are fascinating. Mel and Theresa Anderson are now like family and I could listen to Legacy members' stories for hours. The staff and committees work endlessly to keep Alvamar the Place to Play. Tyler Davis is one staff member who has been a great Event Coordinator and will do well in whatever he chooses next. Thank you for all your hard work! I’ve enjoyed getting to know many of you and have gained lifelong friendships, the most important being my husband, Bryan who I met at Alvamar. He reminds me that change can be a wonderful gift. In fact, it is the key that unlocks the doors to growth and excitement. I'm fortunate my time at Alvamar was not just a job; I leave it with much more. I look forward to continued friendships and hope to see you around Lawrence and on the course!


Spring is on the horizon. With every spring there always seem to be changes. There are several that have already happened and several more are coming. The reason I applied for the position of Head Superintendent at Alvamar Golf and Country Club is I wanted to be a part of that change. I grew up just 18 miles north of Lawrence and Alvamar was “THE” place to play in Northeast Kansas. I am excited to be a part of making Alvamar “THE” place to play all over again.

I have been lucky to be a part of three golf course constructions and grow-ins. With each process there were several changes to the design and construction process. When the projects were completed I could look back and say that my crew and I were a part of that and it was a good feeling. As I am writing this article, I have no idea what new changes are in store, but I am like a kid before Christmas bursting with anticipation of what good things are coming.

Everyone is concerned or excited about the tree removal on the Country Club and deservedly so. There are three main reasons we are doing this. The majority of the trees being removed are hedge and locust. We spend approximately 30 minutes every morning airing up tires because of thorns in our tires from those trees. We are also removing trees so we can grow a better stand of grass to play off. Most of the trees we have removed shaded the ground to the point grass cannot grow. Some of the removal is for playability issues. All that I ask is that you do not judge until the project is complete. Just because we have removed a tree or several trees doesn’t mean we will not come back with a better variety of tree and replace the hedge or locust. We appreciate the understanding and cooperativeness of the membership while the front 9 has been closed.

Another change that occurred in the maintenance department over winter is we have a new Assistant Superintendent for the Country Club, Buster Cantrell. Buster has been with Alvamar for a couple of years now. Most of you have probably seen him at one time or another lying on the ground fixing our antiquated irrigation system. Buster comes from a strong management background and we are very excited to see what new ideas he will bring to the table. Please do not hesitate to introduce yourselves to Buster, he has a very outgoing personality.

The maintenance staff and I wish everyone a great golfing year and once again we appreciate the patience through the changes.

Club Staff

Paul Hooser | Director of Instruction

Eric Magnuson | Director of Golf

Jen Neussen | Director of Food & Beverage

Richard Herries | Course Superintendent

Tom North |Assistant Superintendents

Valerie Woodhead |Director Of Accounting

Janice Loux | Member Services