Head U Gator News

May 15, 2016

A grateful heart...

My heart is grateful for...

....Heidi, who put in some gosh-awful hours in order to prepare for and then wrap up STAAR. She doesn't complain, just does what needs to be done with a great sense of humor.

....Leigh and Morgan who worked on the website for donations to the Spurlock family. As of today, the site has registered over $9000 in donations. That is a huge help and relief for her as the delay in getting assets settled will be several months. There is a memorial service Tuesday afternoon at 5:00 at Compass if you can go.

....Michael and Jenn Towery for a great Gator Games. The weather was beautiful, parents and kids were happy, and overall it was one of the best days ever!

....Cindy Felker, who has been such a blessing to us this year. She has offered to help finish up testing for students in Becky and Whitley's room.

Staff updates

We recommended Allyson Dickinson for the 3rd grade ASPIRE position. Allyson has an enormous amount of experience training with Sandra Kaplan who is responsible for the depth and complexity icons. She not only trained directly with her, but also wrote district curriculum and spent several years training others in California as they worked to meet their certification requirements for gifted.

We had a second interview with a strong 5th grade teacher who is coming on 5/26 to teach a demo lesson. We have a couple more screening interviews early this week for the remaining positions.

Monday afternoon, I'd like for all of you to come to the library at 3:00 to meet Teri Freyou, who will be our new librarian. This is just going to be a meet and greet for a few minutes.

Homework article


I think many of you have come to similar conclusions, but I think we need to seriously consider this as well as research on the effectiveness of homework at the elementary level.

small group minutes

We haven't received enough data for this past week and I'm not going to send any reminders since our schedules were so messed up with STAAR. This upcoming week will be the last week we collect data for this year, so be sure to plan and submit on Friday.

This week:

Monday, May 16

Art Club, 2:45

Meet Teri Freyou

Tuesday, May 17

La Academia Spanish 2:45-3:45

Team leader retreat

5:00 Spurlock memorial service at Compass

Wednesday, May 18

Choir performance 6:00

Thursday, May 19

Marimba Band

Friday, May 20

Softball game

La Academia Spanish 2:45-3:45

Bowman Sports 2:45-3:45