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Welcome to the seventh online newsletter. Published by the Principal, Mr Smith.

Our seventh online newsletter contains news about our learning plus a few other things. For regular updates please check out our Skoolbag App. Twitter and and the school website.


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Census Officers

The Australian government is looking for people to help collect data for the National Census. The census tells us who we are as a country, how many of us there are and how to support the country in the future. If you are interested in being a census data collector you can apply here


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Coffee Club for Parents

Come along & share your thoughts, worries, suggestions with your P&C friends

Coffee stall will be running on the following dates:

Monday’s at 9am




Tuesday’s at 2pm



14.06.2016 (includes P&C Meeting)


Find our coffee stall near the office building (close to middle gate entry)

Everybody is welcome !!!


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Excursion Update

Our excursions and activities have been set for the rest of the year. In an effort to assist parents with financial planning we have listed the excursions by term and then by week. You will see that many of the events are for free. When there is a cost we have in many cases used school funds to keep the cost as low as possible. Some of the excursions are yet to be finalised. Click here to see the excursions and activities for the rest of the year. Keep checking back to see if there are any changes.


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On Tuesday, 17th of May, the NAP classes visited the Museum of Contemporary Art in Circular Quay. Below is their report.

Class 5V, Class 6A, Stage 1 and Stage 2 students, in the Nee Arrivals Program, and their teachers walked to Fairfield train station to catch the train to Circular Quay. The journey took almost an hour, but we enjoyed our trip there. It gave us plenty of time to talk to our friends!

First, we ate our lunch and then walked to the museum. When we arrived, we were greeted by Ella and Athena, who both work at the museum. Next, we walked around and they showed us many artworks displayed in the museum, followed by making our own artworks. We drew pictures
with pencils, strings and sticky tape! The art experiences were very enjoyable.

We had a fantastic day creating our very own works of art!

Written by Stage 2 New Arrivals Program with Mrs. Valdez-Adams.


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Excursion Report Seek a Skill Year 6

Year 6 went to a seek a skill expo where they were able to look at a range of skills and jobs. Click here to see the report from Year 6 regarding the excursion.


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Our first ever book created for iPads is now available for free on the iBook store. If you were a student in 2013 in Stage 2 or 3 you might have worked on this book with Miss Nguyen. Click here to download the file, be aware this is only available on iPads or later model iPhones and iPod touches.

We are working on our number book next. Keep an eye out for out soon.


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New Zealand Conference

Kia Ora (Maori for G'day)

I travelled to New Zealand to attend the Trans-Tasman Principal's Conferece in Auckland from Tuesday 31 May to Friday 3 June. The theme of the conference was "The power is in our hands" I was amazed at the diversity of the speakers, who came from all over the world to present to over 900 principals. I am very proud of the work done at Fairfield by our staff and the support we revive from our parents, however we can and should always aim for better for our students. I was very inspired by what I heard and have brought many great ideas back to school. Many of which will assist us in tweaking and improving the educational programs we deliver at Fairfield.

Parents PBL Survey continues.

Parents can have their say. Don't answer if your a student you will do this in class. We are opening this survey up to parents to see what parents would like to see our school maintain and what areas you hope the school can improve. You only have 40 characters to answer the question, one word ideas are best or short phrases. Click here to answer the survey.


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P&C Facebook Page

If you use Facebook to communicate, our P&C has a Facebook page. If you are interested in seeing what the P&C is up to and how they support the school then click on the link below or search for Fairfield Public School P&C on Facebook.


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P&C Principal's Report

Attached is a copy of the Principals report to the P&C meeting from Week 3. The P&C meeting was held during the Parent Coffee club. We hope that you can join us for coffee on Monday mornings in even weeks or Tuesday afternoons in odd weeks.


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Permission to Publish

To change your mind about giving permission to publish please fill in the attached form and return it to the school as soon as possible.

Vacation Care Program


Fairfield Vacation Care Programs provide high-quality care with engaging and stimulating activities for children aged 5-14 years of age. As well as fun excursions and activities, our program provides an environment that encourages children to meet and make new friends and try new things. Fairfield Vacation Care also offer a diverse range of activities appropriate for the age of the children attending and the season in which the program is run. Children are offered a range of activities as well as regular excursions to local parks, Movie Theatres, Bowling and more!


Fairfield Vacation Care will be operating from Monday July 4th till Monday July 18th 2016. The service is open from 7am till 6pm. On excursion days your child/ren must be at the service by 8.30.am sharp. The service is also opened on pupil free day depending on parent expressions. The service is closed on public holidays.


Excursion costs are separate to the fee and must be paid on the day or before the excursion day. All excursions are compulsory and limited bus seats are available. Children must wear closed shoes and a hat every day. All children must bring recess, lunch and a drink bottle every day. Daily fee is as low as $4.00 per day depending on your CCB PERCENTAGE.


For more information please contact Fairfield OOSH on 0405 005 277. Located at Fairfield Public School 68-82 Smart St, Fairfield

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Volunteer Workshop

We recently ran a workshop in the Community Room for parents on being a volunteer. This workshop, hosted by the school, and presented by Cyril from Sparks was well attended. we now have 12 out of 20 participants who wish to volunteer in the classroom. If you are interested please see Gina Sullo in the CLO room near the preschool.

One mum had this to say...'I would like to give back to the Australian people, they gave me and my family great opportunity to start a new safe life. Now it's time to give back and show my gratitude.'

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Youtube Channel

We are busily collecting samples to post on the school's Youtube channel. Our Youtube channel is a great way to see what the school is doing, especially in the area of technology. To do this we need Parent Permission to publish work.

If you have said No to this in the past and wish to change your mind, please fill in the attached form and send it back to school with your signature.



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