Ryan shecklers shoes

Take a roll with these shoes

His shoes and sponsor

He has made his final shoe which was made on Novemeber 26,2012. They was made by Ryan sheckler and had help by entnies company. He was first sponsored when he was 8 years old. There is a non-slip outsole and an injected rubber toe cap so the shoe will not rip easy. The insole was soft and doesn't hurt when u fall off your board in mid air and hit the ground

Day in the life of Ryan Sheckler

My connection with skateboarding and passion

My passion of skateboarding is to one day grow up and be just like Ryan sheckler and join the street league competition and win or at least try to win. My connection with skateboarding is like being connected with God. I love my skateboard like it is my family and friends. I will always skate even if the skate park is closed, I will skate my rail I made.