The Matchstick Swap Shop

Swap skills, have fun, be inspired, and create our community

Launch on 4pm, 10th November, MUXIMA Cafe 111-121 Fairfield road.

So what's the Matchstick Swap Shop all about?

The Bow Quarter is a great place to live, with lots of cool people with great skills and hobbies. We thought: " what would be like if we were all connected, if we all knew each other and we could all swap our hobbies and skills and take advantage of the diversity we have here? "

Here is the idea:

  • You ask for something you need and swap it for something you can do - saving you time and money !
  • You don't have to be a expert at what you can offer
  • You can offer something for fun e.g. an hour of web design for an hour of yoga .... or an hour of coaching for an hour of DiY or an hour of baby sitting for an hour of book keeping... you get the idea!

We are keen to keep it simple so if you what to join in we ask you to list:

  • your name,
  • your skills and
  • a list of swaps you are interested in.
  • you can also list a price in real money, however we would encourage swaps as that is more personal and a lot more fun.

Email us at for more information

If you're free pop into our launch event at Muxima Cafe on the 10th Nov 4pm

Sophia and Shamela (just two of the new Matchstick Team)