5th Grade News


Language Arts

This month, the students are working on persuasive texts. In writing, they will pick a topic that is important to them, and form an opinion of that topic. They will then learn about different persuasive writing techniques and write a persuasive essay stating their opinion and giving reasons to support their thinking. In reading, they will identify the author's point of view in persuasive texts.

We are also working hard in 5th grade with making inferences and drawing conclusions. One of the big questions they are being asked is "What is this part REALLY about?" I have told them this does not mean to retell what has happened, but to dig deeper into their own thinking.


This month in Math, we have been finishing with fractions and decimals and starting on probability. Students have been using fractions to describe the probability of an event occurring. Click here to view some sample problems.

Science and Social Studies

In Science, the students have finished learning about fossil fuels and the water cycle. They have just started a unit on landforms and alternative energy sources. They will learn about weathering, erosion, deposition, glaciers, sand dunes, and deltas. Your students may go to the link I posted on Edmodo to view a short video about glaciers. They will also learn about solar energy, biofuels, wind energy, hydroelectric energy, and geothermal energy.

In Social Studies, students will finish learning about the American Revolution and start a new unit: Forming a Nation.


Family Night is Tuesday, February 5th. Come for free pizza, door prizes and lots of fun! There will be an emphasis on technology with this family night.