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Being an Aerospace Engineer

What does an Areospace Engineer do?

The Job of an Areospace Engineer is to Desgin, Build, and Test Airplanes, Balloons, Rockets, Missles, Satellites, and Spacecraft

How does an Aerospace Engineer benifit society?

An Aerospace Engineer could benift soceity by build/creating somthing that could be vital for somthing such as building a satallite to monitor climate change.

Who could an Aerospace Engineer work for?

What Education is required to becom an Aerospce Engineer?

To become an Aerospace Engineer a Bachelors degree is required for most entry level jobs.

What does an Aerospace Engineer make?

An Aerospace Engineer makes on avarge $102,420. That is more than double average wage in the United States.

What about job growth?

the job growth of an Areospace Engineer is expected to grow more slowly than average. Wich is around 3% to 6%

Whats Cool about being an Aerospace Engineer?

A cool thing about being Aerospace Engineer is that they have the ability to create a new way of flight.

What type of personality would you want to become an Aerospace Engineer?

You would want to be Creative and have good teamwork along with written and verbal ability.
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