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Hello everyone,

What a whirlwind of a season! The season seemed as though it was never going to happen, then felt like the longest season ever, and yet somehow was the shortest game season ever! Thank you all for hanging in there, for believing it would happen, your patience with all the rule changes, and participating in the season that goes down in PHS FH history!

I hope you all have recovered from the season, I am sure most of you now are even busier with school, track, soccer, LAX and everything else your wonderful daughters do. I am just barely coming up for air, working on wrapping up last season and right back to making next seasons schedule. Same year--different season!

We will be holding a uniform return/ End of season exchange on Saturday, May 8th, 3pm in the Senior lot at PHS under the solar panels. Please try to be there on time so we can wrap up and pack items away by 4pm. I will be there with a gift for every girl along with their certificates, awards and patches. Mainly the items the girls would normally receive at the End of Season banquet. See instructions below.

Just as a heads up, we will be starting tryouts in the second week of August. Our Palomar league games will be on Wednesdays and Fridays in October. Preseason games and tournaments can be any day of the week.

Varsity families please keep an eye out for a second email coming from me with more information today. Make sure to read both.

hope to see you all on Saturday,

Coach Kim


Upcoming Schedule-

  • Saturday May 8th @ 3pm-

Uniform return/gift exchange-

1.Set includes-

  • White home jersey
  • Green away jersey
  • Green skirt
  • Black warm up shirt
  • Reversible pinny
  • Team issued bag

2. Some players have more than one uniform set- if they were borrowed or played on a different team. Please return all pieces you may have.

3. Please wash all pieces roll and place in a 1 gallon Ziploc bag and mark with team level and jersey number. Place Ziploc inside of team issued bag/backpack.

4. Players keep socks.

Player info and program contribution 3/1/2021...

Hello everyone,

Please look at the weeks schedule down below with updates and game information. I am aware it may rain this week on our game days. I am holding out hope the rain is only in the morning and clears up before we play. Just and FYI, If we have to cancel I am going to wait up to 5pm before canceling unless the ref tells me before that. The other team is aware.

Below is a link to sly reply to sign up for volunteering at the games. Please know that each position is for one person and not a couple. However, the position in the booth to operate the scoreboard can accommodate two people- but only if they are from the same household. If you know you will be by yourself please leave this position open for those who would like to come together. Also bring binoculars...its way up there.

Below are the restaurant fundraiser flyers as well.

Please fill out the following google form by 5pm on March 2 to ensure proper sizing for your daughter's uniform 2021 Poway HS Girl's Field Hockey

Also, please use the following Paypal link to donate $150 to help support our program.

Pay Poway High School Field Hockey Booster Club Inc using PayPal.Me


Coach Kim Draskovich


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