Party planning project

By: Alejandro Cintron

Part A- Grab some Grub

Note -

Two companies have worked with us in the past to provide food for students whenever we have a party day. Recently, however, the companies have come under new management. This means that their prices may have changed a bit since the last time we used them. I managed to get some flyers from them regarding their rates for large orders of food.


Burger Bonanza-

y= 10x + 20

Pizza Palace

y= 9.25x + 61.25

Hoppin' Around

y= 75x

Jumping Jack's Bounce House

y= 54x + 84

Burger Bonanza

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Pizza Palace

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Point of Intersection

The point of intersection is 55 students will equal 570 dollars for both companies

Critical Thinking Questions- Part A

- I created the equations by looking at they companies prices and plugged those numbers into the equation

- Yes because of the point of intersection being in 55 students

- If you had $1000 for food you would have to take 98 students

my math- 98 x 10 = 980

980 + 20 = 1000 $20 = catering cost

And yes, you can have a decimal as an answer because the answer is a price

Proposed plan

Mr. Jones should buy at the maximum of 250 pizzas from pizza palace because when it reaches 250 pizzas the price is lower than burger bonanza's price when they reach 250 orders of burgers.

Part- B Bounce House

Note –

I have decided that an obstacle course would be the best choice for our outdoor activity. I have taken the liberty of collecting some flyers from two of the highest rated companies in the area. I believe they charge an hourly rate, but they did mention something about a security deposit when I talked with them. You might want to check the flyer over carefully when thinking about the cost. Hope your planning is going well.

Hoppin' Around

Big image

Jumping Jacks Bounce House

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Group 1- red

Group 2- green

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Point of intersection

Both lines cross when they reach 4 hours and 300 dollars

Critical Thinking Questions

- I found out the equations by plugging in the numbers in the equations

- Yes there is a time where both companies cost the same and that is when both companies reach 4 hours

- You would have hopping around for 10 hours and jumping jacks for almost 12 hours. Yes you would be able to have a decimal as your answer because it is also the price

Proposed plan

Mr.Jones should rent the jump houses from group 2 even though it is more expensive in the beginning it is less later on in the day