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Maddie Popelars

Maddie Popelars

Due: June 1, 2016

Creative Writing Class

Katherine Penely

1. Grounders

2. Writers Observations

3. Story Slam

4. Poems

5. Flash Fiction

6. Short Story

7. Screenplay

8. Extra Piece

9. Revision

10. Course Reflection


Grounder 1

They dance in the meadows

Oh what nice little fellows

Their laughter you can hear from far away

Though their laughs are gentle, or that's what they say

They hide in the flowers

And practice their powers

But under their bright spirt so kind

You'll be scared of what you will find

They seem so sweet

But they'll gnaw on your feet

They are so evil and quick

They are surely to make you sick.

Grounder 2

"The moon is calling"

The moon has always called to me, ever since I was young. It made me feel more alive and awake than the sun ever could. Normally I could hold back from the callings but every once in a while the urge would be too strong. I would step out of the comforts of my home where my family sleeps. The moons calls to me and says not to sleep. It says there is much to do. It says don't go like the others. My heart races unaware of what could be in the dark but the moon calms me and tells me there is nothing to hurt me. We talk until the moon gets too tired to talk anymore. The sun slowly comes to take the place but we do not exchange words. I step back inside and craw into bed soon to be woken by the suns rays of light. I pled to continue to sleep because I was up all night talking to the moon.

Grounder 3

When I was 8 my mama died. Your first reaction is probably "Oh my god, I'm sorry." But what people didn't know was that she was diagnosed with Parkinson's and died by suffocating in a car alone. Still you will feel bad but I was never close to her and it's hard to truly feel pain for someone who you didn't know especially well. I did see her almost everyday when my mom had to take care of her and she would talk to me and care for me but I never knew her before she was sick so I didn't get to witness how wonderful she was. As a young child at the time she seems like some confusing old lady who couldn't take care of herself. Now that she has passed and I'm older I see what an amazing person I missed out on getting to know. It has taught me not to ignore the people who love me and take time out of their life to be so kind to me.

Grounder 4

Her eyes so blue

I have them too

They make you heart flutter

And they melt you like butter

Her eyes, a perfect pair

covered by her long blonde hair

Eyes like that, so warm

Make all the fellows swarm

Eyes blue like the sky

But so so sweet like pumpkin pie

Why are your eyes so blue mother?

They are like no other.

Grounder 5

"What is a poet"

When people ask what is a poet the obvious answer is someone who writes poetry but there is much more to being a poet. Unlike other hobbies or jobs you can't tell who is a poet. Anyone can have the appearance of a poet. A small child can write the wisest words. A man so strong can write the gentlest words. So to answer your question, anyone can be a poet.

Writers Observations

Observations 1

My family is very messy.

6:35 Home

I noticed this because there are a bunch of dirty dishes in the sink.

Observations 2

My roof is very steep.

5:46 Home

I noticed this because me and my friend almost fell off.

Observations 3

Public Speaking is an easy class.

9:40 Public Speaking Class

I noticed this because I never have homework in this class and it is the only class I was able to keep an A in through the whole semester.

Observations 4

I'm very good at procrastinating.

11:30 Home

I noticed this because I waited until 11:30 to start my homework.

Observations 5

Owen is not in class today.

3:30 Creative Writing Class

I noticed this because it is much quite in class today.

Story Slam

I was in the 8th grade and I was at my friends house and I get a text from one of my friends that he wants to hang meet with our other friends tonight so I say yes. That night we sneak out of my friends house at 1:00am and walk about a mile to this bridge where we meet my 4 other friends who drove over on their four wheelers. We climb under the bridge and slowly two of the people run off and so me and my friend and our two friends hang out under the bridge.

Hours had passed of multiple games of truth or dare and awkward silences and I see a red and blue glowing light from next to the bridge. One of the guys kept yelling, not for any reason, just he was and I realized it was the cops, someone had called the cops on us. Even though we weren’t doing anything bad all besides being loud our first instincts were to run. The two guys had run into the woods to hide and me and my friend had ran along this path which led to multiple smaller paths through the woods. We stopped to see if the cop car was anywhere near us but we realized that the car was parked and that the cop was now on the path with a dog on a leash. We immediately started sprinting scared that anyone would find out and that we might get in trouble.

We were chased for about two minutes jumping over fallen trees and through the windy path in the woods and finally we realized the cop wasn’t chasing us anymore. At this point I was crying and all we wanted to do was go home so we ran through people's back yards and jumped fences so we could get home as quick as possible. We got back to the house and got ready for bed and realized that I was wearing one of the guy's jackets and I couldn’t give it to him at school or everyone would know what happened so we had to text them to meet us back at this gazebo that was near the bridge. So we walked out in our pj’s and walked about a mile to the gazebo where they were waiting. As I was giving the hoodie back we heard a car coming and a dog barking. We jumped under the gazebo and had to lay quietly for 5 minutes while the police car patrolled the area. Finally the car left and we crawled out with dirt all over our clothes.

My friend who I was spending the night at didn’t want to go back yet decided that we should walk to where the guys parked the car and we were all so scared of getting caught so we were all paying close attention to if there were any cars coming. Two cars on the walk to the four wheelers passed and we would all jump into the bushes or hide behind someone's house but thank god it wasn’t the cop. Two miles later we got to their four wheelers and we waved them off and walked another 2 miles to my friends house.


Poem 1

(Funny Poem)

I promise to love you

When your jokes are not funny.

I promise to love you

When you have no money.

I promise to love you

When you're sick and all snotty.

I promise to love you

When you're angry and grotty.

I promise to love you

When you're drunk and unruly.

I promise to love you

When you're hungover and drooly.

And I promise to love you

When you drive me 'round the bend.

I promise to love you

Because you are my best friend!

Poem 2

(Free Form)

Thank you, friend, for all the things

That mean so much to me--

For concern and understanding

You give abundantly.

Thanks for listening with your heart;

For cheering me when I'm blue;

For bringing out the best in me;

And just for being you.

Thanks for in-depth conversation

That stimulates my brain;

For silly times we laugh out loud;

For things I can't explain.

For looking past my flaws and faults;

For all the time you spend;

For all the kind things that you do,

Thank you; thank you, friend.

Poem 3

(Narrative Poem)

I need to know

If something is

Going to happen

Between us

You need to know

That I want to know

You for the rest of my life

I want you in my life

Even if we don't work out

I want you to know

That you are

My best-friend

That you're my equal

That you're my passion

That you're my life

That you're my happiness

I need you to know

That I need you

That I want you

I need you to know

That I care about you

So, even though I've only known you

For a small time

Everything I say is true

And I hope you

Can believe it

Poem 4

(Original Poem)

You are my friend.

I am yours.

We are nothing more than good friends.

We are nothing less than good friends.

At one time I wanted more.

Now, I like where we are.

I feel “at home”.

Poem 5

(Detailed Poem)

My father is a golfer.

He lets me be his tee.

He puts the ball upon my moise

And hits it write off me.

He says that i can share the joy.

Of every ball he hits.

oh, ain't it grand to have a dad

who spends time with his kids.

Flash Fiction

“Murder and Suicide”

I felt numb and dizzy. I didn’t know what to do and my body stopped working. Why would I create such a mess, a mess that can’t be undone or forgotten? Why couldn’t I feel like other people and not let my anger out in a calmer way. I felt like I was going insane. I felt shivers through my body, my heart pounded, my ears rang, and I felt like my whole stomach just collapsed. I dropped to my knees not able to hold my body anymore. Everything started racing through my head. I felt guilt, regret, and anger at myself. I started yelling curses at myself, shocked that I would ever do this. I heard shouts and turned my head around to see the cops were in the doorway. I turned back to my friend that laid dead on the floor and put the gun to my head.

Short Story

The flashbacks started. It was freshman year walking to my first classroom, 208, and feeling so scared not knowing anyone. Nobody was there yet so I took I gazed the class to find a good seat which I decided was in the back of the classroom. When she walked in we made eye contact and she flashed a friendly smiled at me. She was so beautiful with her blonde hair and green eyes. I remember exactly what she was wearing; a pale pink dress with brown sandals. She took a seat right
in front of me and pulled out a book. I felt butterflies in my stomach and my face got hot. It took me two weeks to actually get the courage to talk to her. She made me so nervous knowing she could do better than a guy like me. She spoke with such kindness that even the most cold hearted man would melt under her voice. I would listen to the teacher everyday call attendance and I would wait to hear her call out “Dakota Faye” just so I could listen to her voice call out here.

After a month Dakota and I could easily have conversations in class and I would make her laugh from my dumb jokes and she would tell me about all the places she has traveled. After two months she started coming over after school to do homework and so we were becoming closer and closer. Every day I wanted to tell her how I felt about her but I would be too scared because I knew she was 5 times better than me in every way. She was so much smarter, beautiful, kind, and talented but I was too scared to tell her.

Two weeks pass and I’m walking her to her door after doing homework and she turns to me and smiled and I blurt it out. I tell her how much I care about her and how I want more with her. She just smiles harder and starts to blush. That weekend we went on our first date to the movies. I was so nervous but she seemed to be also. I remember every time we were together after that. We went to get ice cream, multiple trips to the movies, and walks in the park. I remember her getting mad when the ice cream dripped all over her, her laughing in the middle of the movie when it wasn’t funny, and I remember her hand in mine when we would walk in the park.

We started spending every day together. I couldn’t get enough. My smile never dulled when I was around her. When it happened I was asleep and I heard my phone ring. I turned over to see who was calling and her name popped up on my screen so I quickly answered. When I answered it was not her voice, it was her mom. She was in tears and I remember sitting up quickly and start pacing as she explain how the accident happened. I felt sick, my heart raced, I felt tears come to my eyes. The next day I went to the hospital to see her. When I walked into the hospital I saw sick people and people who were really hurt and scared. She did not belong there. She was so strong and smart, how could something like this happen to her?

I remember walking down the hall to her room thinking about what to say to her. I stuck my head into her room and I saw someone who I didn’t recognize. Half of her head was shaven with stitches all up her head and a brutal scar that ran from the temple of her head, across her lips, and down to her chin. Her face and arms were all bruised and filled with smaller scratches. Her eyes were closed so I quietly walked into the room and approaching her bed. The girl who had time and time again made me smiled until it hurt made me feel the worst I have ever had. I looked down and reached for her hand but she moved it slowly away. My heart sank and I felt tears rush to my eyes. Did she not recognize me? Did she not want me there? I tried to talk to her and comfort her but she didn’t respond. She opened her eyes and a tear fell from her eye. I remember the exact words she said to me. In a raspy voice she told me to go home and that she needed to rest. As much as I wanted to stay and hold her I left because it is what she wanted.

The next day I went to school and I even though I knew she wasn’t coming I stared at the door all class just waiting for her. The week was so long without her; it felt like decades had passed until school let out Friday. I went back to the hospital on Saturday and rushed to her room not being able to wait to see her. When I walked in she was sitting up and she was reading a book. The rest of her hair was shaved and a lot of her bruising and scratches were going away. She had hidden the scar across her face with makeup and a red lip stick. She looked up from her book and looked at me eyes wide with sadness.

I walked to her and tried to wrap my arms around her but she just kept her arms down not returning the embrace. She explained to me in a shaky voice that she would be in the hospital doing therapy and that she wouldn't be out for a while. I told her I would come to visit her but she told me I don’t need to worry or focus on her. I understood what she was trying to do but I couldn’t accept it. I remember raising my voice at her because how could she just want to throw away everything we had. I started yelling and she started crying and yelled back at me. The whole next month was so hard knowing she was hurting and that she didn’t want me to comfort her.

Now I am looking at an angel walk into the classroom. She is wearing a white dress with her blonde hair just barely reaching her jawline. It's been 5 months but she still makes my heart melt when I see her. I automatically lock eyes with her. She walks straight to my desk and reaches for my hand. “I’m sorry I pushed you away”.


Scene One

Weekend Recovery


Maddie Popelars

May 27, 2016

Shows girls shoes walking down hallway with music in backround. Main titles go over shoes while walking. Music fades and shoes come to a stop. They turn to the opening of a door. Camera switches to view of the hospital room. There are two beds. One is neatly made and other farthest from door has a grungy looking guy sitting on it with a small bag next to him. Turns camera to girl.

Casey Sunday

(speaks quickly)

Excuse me, but I think you are in the wrong room. I have requested to never have to share a room due to my past roommates tendency to never be able to clean up after themselves.

Switches view to Asher.

Asher Roman

(deeper, scratchy voice)

Listen, I won’t be here long; I plan on leaving tomorrow. I only have this bag so I won’t make a mess.

Switches back to Casey who walks into the room and starts to organize what is on her bed side table. While continues the conversation.

Casey Sunday

You can’t leave tomorrow, the rule is that you must stay for at least a month and then depending on your condition they will determine if you get to leave.

Asher Roman

I’ve been here plenty of times, I know what the rules are. That doesn’t mean I care what about what they tell me. I’m leaving tomorrow night. I couldn’t stand to live with someone who has extreme OCD. You probably try and control everyone and everything. One thing out of place and you whole world comes tumbling down.

Casey Sunay

I am getting better.

(slightly smiles and talks fast)

They say I will be out in about 3 weeks. It’s not so bad here. Sure the cafeteria always smell like old tomato sauce, and dinner starts at a horrible time of 6:41 which they did just to help the OCD patients.

Casey: Stops organizing and sits on her bed to untie her shoes and takes them off and puts one on each side of her perfectly parallel to each other. She ties the left shoe and then the right shoe. She leans forward and pulls out the slippers from underneath her bed. She puts her left foot in first a slipper and then her right foot in a slipper. Picks up both shoes off her bed and walks over to her closet which is perfectly organized and places them into a spot that is the perfect size for the shoes.

Asher: Hunched over watching intensly with mouth slightly open. When she is finished he stands up to face her.

Asher Roman

God, please don’t tell me you actually like this place. How can you sta..

Nurse walks into doorway.

Casey and Asher turn to look at her.


Hello Casey


Hello Ms.Lewis


I see Mr.Roman was placed in your room. And I know you requested not to ever have roommates but your conditions might benefit each other. Plus all other rooms are full so we had no other place to put him. Keep an eye on him Casey.

Nurse walks out


Why are you here?


Borderline personality disorder. Supposedly I’m reckless, so watch out, I might make a mess.

Winks at Casey and walks out of room.

Scene two

Asher’s head looks around the corner. Shows nurse down hallway and then turns to a hallway to the right.

Asher Roman


You ready?

Casey Sunday


I can’t believe I’m doing this.

Asher Roman


Okay, now

Both of them quickly walks while looking around. Stops at the hallway the nurse turned down and looks around the corner. Asher gives a thumbs up over his shoulder. They quickly pass the hallway and (music starts playing)then start sprinting down the long hallway which leads to the elevator. Asher is smiling and in front of Casey. He looks back at her while running and puts his hand back. Shows Casey's scared face look down at his hand and grabs it. Gets to elevator and doors close.

Asher Roman

(laughing/out of breath)

That wasn’t too bad, was it?

Casey out hand sanitizer and starts rubbing over her hands.

Casey Sunday

(obviously scared but tries to smile)

Very stressful but definitely gets my heart pumping.

Asher Roman

Don’t worry we will be out soon. We just have to sneak past the cameras so stay low.

Doors open and the quickly run to the exit door but were staying low. Asher opens the door and they leave. Door is closing.

Random Voice

Hey, who's there?

Asher Roman

Run, go go.

They sprint across the deserted road, Casey in the lead, to the chain of buildings and restaurants. They rush into a darkly lit pub with only two people at the bar and a big man behind the bar.


Welcome to Joey’s Pub

Asher Roman

(turns to casey)

Damn, you can run.

Casey Sunday

(tears welling in her eyes)

They are going to find us. The lady saw us run. We will never be able to leave that place because they think we are insane.

Asher Roman


Shh everyone around us will know if you keep yelling. And the lady didn’t see who it was so it will take them a while to find out.

Casey Sunday

Okay, okay, okay. Let’s find a phone to call a taxi.

(calls to bartender)

Sir, do you have a phone that I can use?


It’s down the hallway and to the right.

Casey walks to the phone and picks it up with her sleeve and dials a taxi. Phone rings.

Casey Sunday

Asher where are we headed?

Asher Roman

Martin Avenue.

Casey Sunday

(speaks into phone)

Hello sir, can I get a cab at Joey’s Pub?


Thank you

Casey hangs up the phone and walks back to Asher who is at the bar.

Casey Sunday

So what is on Martin Avenue?

Asher Roman

Just a little music thing is going on.


(interrupts Asher)

A little music thing?


That a complete understatement. Rhapsody is a huge music festival that has been coming here for 10 years now. It’s has some of the most famous artist and then from 4-6 every night they have newer artists perform. It all weekend.

Asher looks down at his lap while bartender speaks.

Casey Sunday

(fake smiles to bartender)

Well that's good to know.

Casey grabs Asher and drags him outside the pub.

Casey Sunday

You know I can’t go there. There are going to be raging alcoholics who will be throwing up everywhere, disgusting food, and the bathrooms are so unsanitary.

Asher Roman

I swore I would meet a friend there and I have all of the money so you either make friends with the grubs here or you come with me.

Scene three

Casey Sunday


Bye Asher. Goodluck.


I’ll come to visit.

Casey walks down the front porch stairs of Asher’s parents house and runs down the road. The cops come around the corner to where she is waiting. Cops roll down the window.


Ms.Sunday can you please get in the car we need to take you back to the hospital.

Casey gets into the car with no hesitation and leans her head against the window smiling. (music plays)They ride back to the hospital. Casey gets out of the car and walks into the hospital.


Casey, your back! Where have you been?!


(laughing and smiling)

Nowhere. When can I get my room back?


You will have to explain yourself later. I’m just glad you're back safe.

Nurse walks Casey back to her room opens the door.


Welcome back.

Nurse walks away and Casey goes to sit on her bed. She unties her shoes and takes them off and puts one on each side of her perfectly parallel to each other. She puts her bare feet on the floor walks to her closet and just tosses them in. She walks back to her bed and lays down smiling.

Extra Piece

Letter to Kylie Jenner

Dear Kylie Jenner,

Congrats on being called one of the top 25 most influential teens by the Times magazine. Some people might honestly think you are influential by having a TV show about every little thing that happens in your life, running Kylie Cosmetics, and buying a 2.7 million dollar house by the age of 18. Though those are so very inspirational there are other things you have done for today's society. Some of the amazing things you have done is let everyone know it's okay to spend hundreds of dollars on fake colorful hair that you will only wear once and that having lips the size of a small elephant is differently attractive. Not only have you sent out those wonderful and inspirational messages, you have also shown everyone that having a irregularly large butt is great. Yet not everyone can have a butt as big as yours everyone with a small butt can just buy a bigger one which you have also shown is totally okay. You are also known for starting huge trends like butt lifts, buying expensive lipstick, and influencing people to stick their lips in cups to cut off oxygen so that they can have enlarged lips for a few hours. Thank you so much so much for raising everyone physical appearance insecurities and that it's okay to be fake.

Love, Maddie Popelars


Grounder 5 Revision

I like the topic of the grounder and I think my point and intentions were strong but I could have gone in longer depth of what I was saying. I could have given more examples of who could be a poet and that you can't judge how people feel and what they care about based on what their appearance is. I think I could have made the point stronger and made people realize my points better if I were to explain more about it.

Course Reflection

  1. What did you find most useful about this course?

I think the most useful this about this course were the seminar things where everyone gave feedback on your work. At the end of writing each story I only have my perspective but having other perspectives help me with what I can do to make my writing better. Also it makes me realize how important it is to have someone read my story so that I can improve.

  1. If you could add one more thing to this course, what would it be?

If I could add something into the course it would be writing more stories. We only wrote a few short stories which I enjoy writing a lot so I would like to do that more.

  1. What did you learn about yourself as a writer this semester?

I learned that my opinion about stories are not the only way of thinking about a story. When I read a story I assume that what I think about a story is everyone else's opinion too. When we do the weekly reading discussions I realize other views and sometimes I agree and it makes me more open minded. .

  1. What was your favorite reading of the semester? Why?

My favorite reading is Harrison Bergeron because I understood it very well and I thought the messages was clearly shown. I liked how they expressed the message and I liked the characters.

  1. What plans do you have for your writing career?

My plans for writing is actually to be a photojournalist. I want to travel around take picture and write about the things I witness around me.

  1. Where do you find your inspiration to write?

I watch a lot a movies and so I get a lot of inspiration from the movies I watch. Also when I was younger my dad would make up stories and tell them to me so I get a lot of inspiration from that.

  1. What prompts/ideas do you have that you’d still like to write? Project ideas?

I don’t know of any particular prompts but I like the idea of writing a coming of age story.