Science and Society Project

By: Hannah Patterson

Thomas Hunt Morgan

In this project, I will be telling you who my scientist is, what he did, when and where he did his research, and how his research impacted society. I will tell you about veterinarians, including what they do, their working conditions, the training, education, earnings, and the job prospects.

Who is Thomas Hunt?

Thomas Hunt was an American zoologist and geneticists. He is known for his legendary experimental studies of the fruit fly.

This is a short video explaining some of Thomas Hunt's work.

Thomas Hunt Morgan.avi
Thomas Hunt conducted his research of fruit fly genetics during his tenure as professor at Columbia University, New York beginning in 1904. His research impacted our society by helping us understand genetics, chromosomes, and how they work.


The career I have chosen is a veterinarian, to be a veterinarian you will need a Doctor of Veterinarian Medicine, after receiving a bachelor's degree. The average salary of a veterinarian is $70 thousand to $90 thousand if you do not have your own practice and $100 thousand to $250 thousand if you own your own practice. For this job you will be out in the field as well as in an office.