Eggy's 50 ft Drop

Andraya Giesau

Our problem

My teacher Mr. Landers had given me a mission we had to find a partner and make a contraption to help a real egg live after falling from 50 ft high.


We drew out what we thought we were going to do. We drew our egg with a cup attached with sting to a cardboard base below the egg.

Choosing how to solve our problem

So finally we started we went and grabbed cardboard for the base, two cups to hold the egg, a sheet of plastic and 2 sheets of paper to help as a parachute, 2 cotton balls, 2 rubber bands and 5 straws.


Our contraption was almost done we had a cup hanging from a piece of cardboard the cup was where the egg would go. We dropped in many times from the top of a table to test but it just wasn't going to work like that so we had to think of how we could improve it. Just then we realized we hadn't used the plastic or the cotton balls or the 2nd cup.


We took the cardboard and cut out to big squares and attached the plastic. We cut the holes so air would catch the plastic part of our parachute. Then we added cotton balls to the bottom cup, added a top cup and attached a cotton ball to that.

Final product

We dropped that and it went much smoother. We were ready when the day came we walked outside with our final design and Eggy (our egg) and let me tell you was Eggy ever scared. We gave the firefighter our contraption he brought it up and called out some names and dropped their contraptions. Then I heard my name looked up and saw little Eggy falling... SPLAT eggy hits the ground! We run to check if hes okay but he was splattered we said goodbye to eggy and went inside.