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Collaborative Notes Document

This TCEA I partnered with several other connected educators to put together this giant collaborative notes document from the sessions we attended. View our notes at the link below:


Looking for a YouTube Channel to support your curriculum?

Monica Martinez shared THIS spreadsheet of YouTube channels she has compiled for each content area. Looking for a way to incorporate videos from these channels in your classroom? Partner with Tina to create a MackinVIA group specifically for your scholars to reference during independent work stations.

Example: Stefani Donaldson found some Multiplication Fact videos she wanted her scholars to have easy access to. Now thanks to her "3rd-Multiplication" MackinVIA group folder, her scholars have all the videos they need in one easy to access folder!

What Makes your BrainPop?

Get more out of our BrainPop subscription with help from THIS awesome session!

Interested in learning more about MyBrainPop (teacher admin feature) watch THIS quick 1 minute video to learn how you can take BrainPop to a whole new level!

Looking for ways to incorporate more technology in your Math class?

THIS was a great session on how to find small ways to incorporate Technology into your math instruction.

YouTube videos...en Espanol

Did you know you can add Spanish subtitles to any YouTube video that you create? Watch THIS quick tutorial on how!

Session: Practical Infusion-Enhancing K-5 TEKS with iPads

Check out THIS session by Andres Chaves and Debbie Butler on how to enhance your K-5 TEKS with iPads.

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