Weekly Wellness Update

Week of September 21-25 - Healthy Coping Mechanisms

How Parents Can Help With Kids' Coping Skills

Helping Kids Through a Crisis Involves Coping Skills Training

Coping with a major change, stressor or crisis can be taxing for adults; for many kids, such things can be overwhelming. Because children don’t have the coping skills that the typical adult has taken a lifetime to develop, helping kids develop coping skills for dealing with crises and major stressors is a vital responsibility that can benefit children and the adults who love them. Rather than merely telling them everything will be okay, it helps to really talk to them and demonstrate how to cope with stress so that they'll know what to do when they feel stress as adults—and when their children feel it. This sets up the next several generations to be more capable of coping.

The following are some simple and effective strategies for helping kids cope with tough times:

Coping With Uncertainty
Coping Skill: 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 Grounding Technique