The Wild Soccer Bunch

Mariano Vazquez


When the snow has finally melted, the soccer season starts, kevin and his gang rush to the field and find out that the other team took over the field took over the field, by mickey the bulldozer, and they try to have a play off to see whoo gets the field to theirselves for now on. Will they succeed?


Kevin (the star striker)

Sox (dog)

Danny (fastest runner)

Tyler (kevins big brother)

Kyle (goalie)

Alex alexander-nicknamed (the cannon, strongest kick ever)

Julian Fortnox (all in one defender)

Roger (the hero)

Diego (fast like a tornado)

Joey (lives in a van, cant afford cleats)

Character Analysis:

Trait 1- Athletic

He likes soccer, hes always on the field with his friends all day playing and says that soccer is the only sport that he will like and no other sport.

Trait 2-nice and mean

Hes mean to the other team becuase they stole their field in the first place and hes nice to his team , and he sometimes gets mad about little things to like this one time he got mad becuase one of his friends got grounded for 20 or 21 days becuase he was kicking the soccer ball in the living room and broke a window and the ball hit his dad in the head when he was getting out of the car.

Quote from or about character

" i looked at tyler who was sitting right next to me " he said softley " this just cant be all their is ". "please i thought please let it be spring.


I recommend this to all the people that likes soccer and the author wants the readers to be fair with other stuff.

Important event:

Kevin and his team go to the field that their going to practice at and realize that they cant becuase Mickey the bulldozer and his team took over and their gonna have a play off who ever wins and the team who wins gets to play on the field and gets to keep the field all by to their selves.


I recommend this book to all the guys and girls that like to play soccer and that like to read about soccer.