Get Familiar with your Child's School


Welcome newcomer students and your families! We are here to introduce you to...

- The Ontario elementary and secondary school system

- Offer settlement support

- Assess English language proficiency and knowledge of mathematics

- Suggest placement for secondary school students based on school transcripts, assessment results and age

- Counsel students in choice of program/courses and post-secondary destinations

- Send the assessment report to the school of registration

Where to Start:

We provide families and students with a welcoming and supportive introduction to the Ontario school system. Through a initial assessment process, the students’ abilities, talents and interests are recognized and shared, enabling a smoother entry into the school community. We're here for you.

First, parents/guardians are to register their child in person at their designated Catholic school. To find out which Catholic school is in your area, please contact the Planning Department.

Second, staff checks documents and registers eligible students.

Third, An assessment appointment is made with one of the Newcomer Reception and Assessment Centres.

You will need:

  • - Passport and Confirmation of Permanent Residence or Permanent Resident Card
  • - Proof of age (Birth Certificate or Passport)
  • -Immunization Records
  • -Proof of Home address
  • - Roman Catholic Baptismal Certificate (for child and/or parent/guardian)

  • - Baptismal Certificate of other rites in communion with the Holy See of Rome (for elementary students only)
  • - Education Records/Transcripts
  • "Today is a great day to learn something new"

    Get Involved

    It is important for students to see their parents participation in the school. If you have any special talents ( i.e., art, music, sports, story telling etc) please come and share them with our school community. Or, if you would just like to come and give your time that would be great! It can be on a regular basis or as a one time visit. Just complete a criminal reference check at your nearest police station and you're good to start in your child's school.