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What is it

Boron has the atomic number 5 and the symbol is B. It is a dark powder. Boron is essential in the cell wall of plants, it is not considered poisonous to plants but it is harmful to us in high doses. We consume about 2 miligrams a day and about 60 grams in our lifetime.
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Facts including properties, where its found, and history

Boron is a very good insulator so it is used as a wood preservative and to make glass. They are very strong and light weight. Boron filaments are used in aerospace structures. It was also as a main ingredient to make bleach. It oxides in air and can form compounds with oxygen, hydrogen, the halogens, nitrogen, phosphorus and carbon. The first mention of Boron compounds is in a book by the Persian Alchemist Rhazes. It was commonly used to make glass. In 1808, scientists isolated all pure forms of boron by mixing it with potassium.

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