The Batboy

By: Mike Lupica

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5 out of 5 stars!!

I loved this book. One reason I gave this book 5 stars was because I thought it was cool how this kids dreams came true and got to meet and work with and hang around all these major league baseball players, especially his hero, Hank Bishop. Another reason was because you as the reader got to see his whole life, and especially his major league life, and his life with his own personal travel ball baseball team, the Sting. I got to see how good he did and what he did to make himself better, and I'm a baseball player myself, so that made it so much better, how I understood basically everything.

My Recommendation!

I would recommend this book to someone that likes to read where something is always happening and there is something constantly going on in a book. People that like to read about sports will like this book as well. And if you like reading about how someones dreams came true, you might like this also. In this book, Brian Dudley's dreams came true one summer when he was awarded the job of bat boy for his favorite, and hometown baseball team, the Detroit Tigers. That summer, he doesn't just meet the head coach and famous MLB players, but most importantly, his hero, Hank Bishop. Hank Bishop is called the Bishop of baseball, and is one of the best batters and infielders in the game, but he got into steroid use. But that never stopped Brian from constantly believing in him. This book is Sports Fiction.

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In The Bat boy, one kids dreams, Brian Dudley, come true. He has been trying to get the job of Bat boy for the Detroit Tigers for years now, and he finally has it. To make it even better, his hero, Hank Bishop, had been traded back to the Tigers the same year Brian gets the job. Or so Brian thinks, because he builds up all this courage and enthusiasm to walk up to Bishop, and when he meets him, he just gets blown off by Hank, and it destroys his heart. Some main characters are Brian Dudley, Liz Dudley, Hank Bishop, Kenny Griffin, the other Bat boy, Finn, and Mr. S. A main setting in this book is mostly the ballpark, there are times though after games where Brian is home. The main conflict is Brian trying to get on Hank Bishop's good side, and to get Hank and himself out of their slumps, and back to looking amazing in baseball. A main theme is a classic one, when you don't succeed, you don't give up, you keep on pushing and trying until you win.