12 Types of Handwriting

By: Jordan and Ian

3 Categories

  • Letter Form
  • Line Form
  • Formatting

Letter Form

  • Size consistency is the ratio of height to width in writing.
  • Connecting Letters are whether or not the capitals and lowercase letters are connected or continuous.
  • Letters complete is the characteristic of a completely formed letter or a letter that is partially missing.
  • Cursive and printed letters are the characteristic of a cursive or printed letter or possibly both being used.
  • Slant is the angle of the writing used.
  • Fancy curls or loops are the use of exaggerated writing for certain letters.

Line Form

Line quality is the flow or the erratically or shakiness of the writing.

Line habits are the placement of the the text on the line, above the line, or below the line.


Spacing is the room between each letter and word.

Continuous is whether or not the writer pick up his writing utensil or not.

Pen pressure is the lightness or darkness of the letter from the pressure on the pen.

Placement of crosses on T's and dots on I's is the way the person crosses the letter T, whether it is upwards, downwards, or straight across it.