Mrs. Lee's Kindergarten News

January 29,2016

February is coming!

February Dates:

February 6th - Heart to Heart 1mile and 5K Race for Kedron Elementary. This fun event has a 1mile run/walk for the students to participate. Prizes for each grade level! Our class has lots of great runners! Sign up and come out to run with your friends! Mrs. Lee will be running the 5K! I hope to see you there. There will be a prize for the Kindergarten class with the highest participation. I hope we win!

Feb. 12 (Friday) Valentines exchange.

Feb. 19th- Parents stencil student shirts for Salute to America Show.

Feb. 25th - Salute to America show in Kedron Cafe 9:00 am. All Kindergarten students will be participating. Come and hear us sing!

February 15th & 16th Winter Break no school.

Testing for Enrichment will begin on March 1st. If you are interested in having your child tested for the Enrichment program please let me know and I will send a packet home or you may pick one up in the front office.

Thank you to all of our volunteers!

A look ahead...

Next week we will continue to work on addition and subtraction.

We will continue to read some good books and practice our reading skills.

The students will predict if the groundhog will see his shadow. We are hoping for a short winter.

We will talk about the care of our teeth this week and try to floss our teeth and brush them too! We watched an astronaut brush his teeth in space!

We will begin our practice for the Salute to America Show.

We have some nice friendships forming in our class. I love seeing the children play together so well!

Mark your Calendar for Feb. 25th Kindergarten show!

Reminder of our schedule of specials:


Tuesday: PE

Wednesday: Music

Thursday: Art

Friday: PE