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Week of December 14, 2015

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This Week's "JOT": Google Now!

Sure, it's been around for a while (mobile version 2013, web/Chrome version 2014) but like everything Google, this powerful IPA (not to be confused with the popular pale ale variety) - "Intelligent Personal Assistant", is now faster and more accurate than it was since its release. Think of it as Google's definitive answer to Apple's Siri and, by all accounts, it has clearly surpassed the competition.

A las, this week's JOT is inspired by one of our very own Tech Ninjas, Ms. Irene Valdez. When visiting Irene's 4th grade class at Forest Grove a little while back I observed her using her mobile phone to activate some simple tasks using Google Now. Whether from a mobile phone, desktop computer, tablet or Chromebook projected in-front of the class, you can now quickly direct Google to do a number of time-saving tasks and immediately access a variety of information using voice command. One way Irene uses Google Now is to periodically activate a class timer which she displays in front of the class to encourage her students to stay on task and transition efficiently across different segments in a tight, crisp manner during her lessons.

Here are a few other ways you might consider using Google Now in your class:

  • Activate a variety of apps (e.g. Maps, Voice recorder, Timer)
  • Perform simple administrative tasks (e.g. Calendar, Keep)
  • Retrieve factual data/statistics
  • Find images and other visuals
  • Convert units of measurement

Here's a quick demo of Google Now in action - (To view within the district's network, login to the Barracuda Web Filter):

Google Now Demo

AI - Article of Inspiration

Great Teaching: What a Messy, Successful School Year Looks Like

"The beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it away from you."

- BB. King

Where's Binder This Week?

  • Mon, Dec 14: LCAP and Ed-Tech Planning (DO), Chromecast troubleshooting.
  • Tues, Dec 15: Ed-Tech Support (MS), PD and Ed-Tech Planning (DO)
  • Wed, Dec 16: Ed-Tech Support (FG), Illuminate Training Design/Dev.(DO), C&I Meeting (DO)
  • Thurs, Dec 17: Ed-Tech Support (RD), Illuminate Training Design/Dev.(DO)
  • Fri, Dec 18: Ed-Tech Support (CHS), Ed-Tech Planning (DO),