New England Colony

Come settle in the New England colony now!

Want to Join the best colony around? (read below to see)

We have wonderful landforms including...

  • Lots of great Soil
  • Forests
  • And Water

We have lots of natural resources to including farm lands, forests, fish, water, and rich soil.


Here we believe that everybody should have the same religion. So if you're looking for a whole colony that has the same religion as you this is the place to go.

Pictures of our colony

Lots of Jobs and Goods

Jobs and goods they make and sell


Farming, Trading goods, Hunting whales, Lumber Jacks, Fisherman, Builders, Miners, and church leaders.

Goods they make and sell...

Ships, Wheat, Fish, Timber, and Furs.

We are the New England Colony

Come enjoy the cold winter and the wonderful landforms with us in the New England colony we hope to see you there.