My Natural Wonder



Do you like to explore? I do, so that is why I explored the web for natural wonders. I found a place called Ik-Kil-Cenote.

Ik-Kil-Cenote is a huge tourist attraction, and it is known for its history and large blue (natural) pool.


  • The word cenote is taken from the Mayan language that means water well.
  • This whole title means a deep pit usually open to the sky.


  • One animal lives in the pool of Ik-Kil-Cenote, the black catfish(see in the article below.)


  • WOW! This natural wonder is 25 feet below ground surface.
  • COOL! The pool is 60 meters in diameter.
  • AMAZING! The pool is 35 meters deep.

As you can see Ik-Kil-Cenote has animals, an interesting meaning, and an amazing size! All of these parts make up the whole of a wonderful natural wonder.

So you were wondering about the catfish, huh?

Black Catfish

So you were wondering about the catfish, huh? Well here you go info on the catfish. Did you know that catfish have whisker-like appendages called barbels? These appear at on the anterior of the fish coming out of their thick, leathery skin.


These fish are bottom-dwelling fish which means they like to live in the bottom of the body of water,and they also like sand and smooth gravel. Hiding places are also very important to catfish.

As we come to an end...

Catfish are very important to the pool of Ik-Kil-Cenote, for they show signs of life. Plus, I enjoyed researching for facts about them because you never know how much you can learn. Signing out, Eliza.

By: Eliza

Thanks for reading! ;) :)
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