Great Education in the 21st Century

What does this look like at Tolland Public School?

What is a great education in the 21st Century?

A great education is what all students need to prepare themselves to live a fulfilling, enjoyable and responsible life in today's society.

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Very Important Points- Learning to Learn

Recent developments- It is possible to help young people become better learners, not just in terms of qualifications. Includes cognitive physchology, neuroscience and cultural psychology.

Learning is likened to going to the gym- One person who goes to the gym frequently will find it far easier to stay fit and complete activities than someone who goes infrequently but this does not mean that the less frequent visitor gains no benefit at all. This is in the same rationale that everyone can learn new skills and behaviours no matter how frequently they tackle new learning. Intelligence always grows.

Children are eavesdroppers, they learn from adults and each other without even knowing. This suggests that we all should be developing a community learning culture within our classrooms.

Teachers should know how to react when their lessons do not go to plan and use it as a learning tool. Students need to see teachers modelling what to do when they make a mistake.

Social and Personal Responsibility- How is it developed in my classroom?

How do I create intellectual, social, emotinal, moral and spiritual members of today's society? Students in my class are rewarded for positive behaviour rather than punished for negative behaviour. Students are taught social skills through the Positive Behaviour for Learning framework. In the same way that students are taught to read, students are taught social skills and appropriate behaviours are modelled.

Students that display positive behaviours are rewarded with merit and social awards weekly at assemblies. Within the classroom students are rewarded with stickers, verbal praise and a surprise box. It is hoped that these material items encourage students to feel intrinsic motivation and therefore carry these values and attitudes into their further education and then adulthood to help them to become functioning members of society.