This Week At Coolidge

Coolidge Elementary


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Every student. Every day.

Mission Statement: To educate, challenge and inspire every student to achieve personal success and become a confident contributor to society.

Vision Statement: We promote a passion for learning and a philosophy that puts the needs of children and their education first.

School Hours

Office Hours: 8:00a-4:30p

Face To Face:

Student Full Day: 9:10a-3:25p (40 minutes learning from home)

K,3rd & 4th Lunch 11:50p-12:25p

1st , 2nd and ASD Lunch 12:35p - 1:10p

ASD Center: ASD Student Full Day: 9:15a-3:30p

Livonia Virtual: Same Online Schedule

Notes For The Week

1/11 Monday: All Face to Face Students Return

Please dress weather appropriate as we will continue to go outdoors for recess and mask breaks.

1/12 Tuesday:

1/13 Wednesday:

1/14 Thursday:

1/15 Friday:

Before Coming to School

Parents and Students MUST go over the following checklist each morning

before coming to school: See below

Student Protocol

● All students will be required to conduct the health and safety self

assessment at home prior to coming to school.

● At-home screening includes taking temperature prior to attending school and answering a health checklist.

● If the student cannot answer “NO” to the questions on the checklist, or has a temperature of 100.4 degrees or higher, he or she may not attend school and must call the school attendance line.

Health Department Public Service Announcement

Students will make sure they have the following things on the checklist:

Classroom Ready Checklist


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Coolidge Arrival 2020


Attendance procedures return to normal practice as prior to Covid:

  • Attendance is mandatory and parents are asked to contact the school at 734-744-2705 to inform the school if their child will not be present

  • Parents may also complete the Coolidge Attendance Form.

Health & Safety


  • Mask Wearing will be strictly enforced:

    • Reusable Facial coverings (Must be washed daily)

    • Disposal mask (must be disposed of daily)

    • Gaiters (one-piece neck and face sleeve)

Exceptions: Students who have a documented medical condition must provide written paperwork from a medical doctor.

● Social Stories: Wearing Masks Social Stories

PBIS Poster: Wearing a Mask

* Students will be given short breaks to go outside and take off their masks. The teacher will use judgement in terms of a scheduled mask break and go out the nearest door for a 5 minute break

Hand washing

  • Students will be taught proper hand washing procedures. See

PBIS Poster. Wash Your Hands

  • A schedule will be developed so students are washing hands every 2-3 hours.

Hand Sanitizer

● Students should use hand sanitizer when hand washing is not feasible

before/after touching any shared materials, and before entering

any new space.

Physical Distancing

  • Desks and tables will face in a single direction whenever feasible and will be spaced out as much as possible to achieve minimally 3 feet of distance from head to head, up to 6 feet where possible.


Breakfast will continue to be available for our students. Students who choose breakfast, upon entry into the building, will pick up breakfast, using physical spacing and go directly to the classroom.


Every student will wash their hands (or sanitize when hand washing is not feasible) before and after lunch.

  • K (lunchroom), 3rd & 4th will eat at 11:50am-12:25pm

  • 12:25pm-12:35pm 10 minute cleaning time

  • 1st (Lunchroom) 3rd, and ASD Center will eat at 12:35pm-1:10pm

For kindergarten and 1st grade students eating in the lunchroom:

  • After hand washing, students will go for lunch.

  • Students will be seated, physically distanced at the lunch tables

2nd, 3rd and 4th Grade:

  • For 2nd - 4th grade classes, lunch will take place in the classroom.

  • Student desks will be wiped down before and after lunch.

Meal Time PBIS Poster: Meal Time


● Each classroom will be assigned a specific location on the playground

to play each day which will rotate daily. (Examples include: play

structure, swings, field)

● Students will need to maintain social distance when playing outside

and stay in their classroom’s assigned location.

● Students should wash hands or use hand sanitizer when returning to the classroom after recess.



  • LMC will be part of the students weekly schedule.

  • Book browsing/check-out will be limited so students are not touching many books but rather choosing from a set of books.

  • When books are returned they will be kept out of circulation for 24 hours.


  • Music class will take place in the music room or outside, if possible.

Physical Education :

● Students will go outside for PE when weather permits.

● When outside, students will not be required to wear masks as long

as they are physically distanced.

● If the weather doesn’t permit, students will go to the gym. They will

keep masks on and be physically distanced. Indoor PE activities will be lower intensity.


  • Art will take place in the art room.

  • There will be plexiglass dividers utilized in the art room.

  • Students will use individual supplies during class.

Bring Your Own Device

  • If a 2nd, 3rd, or 4th grade student received a Chromebook from their school, he/she should bring that device to school for use each day. Students are also welcome to bring their own personal devices from home.

  • The Classroom Ready Checklist includes students bringing a charged device to school everyday. It is recommended that you use a 2.5 gallon size ziploc plastic bag, so the computer does not get wet from lunches and/or water bottles.