Music Career

By: Yolocxy Castillo

How to become a musician

There's really no required education for becoming a musician. If you want to be a classical musician you either need a bachelor's degree in music theory or performance. If you want to be accepted into programs people either audition or send recordings of themselves or sometimes both.


Musicians perform or studies music of all genres. They can be composers, instrumentalist, and/or singers who perform in a studio or an audience. They're are many kinds of musicians for example they're are orchestras, choirs, and even bands. The music industry is very high in competition.


They're are many different kinds of salary's for musicians since they're many kinds of them. Orchestral musicians make 28,000 - 143,000 as a starting base. The average salary for a musicians or singer is 36,478 per year. And instrumentals musicians make 40,042 a year. It just depends on what kind of music you perform.
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