The safety of humanity

Why is Terrorism a Human Rights Violation?

Terrorism, which is equal to violence, violates The Universal Declaration of Human Rights article 3 that states, "Right to Life, Liberty, Personal Security." Because if we aren't safe, if terrorism happens, we would be harmed from it. Terrorism had caused around 130,000 fatalities world wide. Not only does terrorism have a massive social impact on the world, but it also has a enormous global economic impact. The cost of terrorist attack by insure property losses have cost the insurance industry billions over the past decade. airplanes, governments, people, and business are sometimes effected when a tent of terrorism happens. Terrorism is a big problem because humanity wont feel safe anywhere. Money is involved as well to repair all the damage and even something the cost of hospitals that the attack did.

What is being done about the problem?

There are many organization that help to calm the terrorism. For example FBI, FBI has gather technology to decrease the attend of terrorism. They use technology and use information from the devices that people use and see if theirs a attend of an attack.

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