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How To Remove Odors From Furniture?

Furniture are commonly situated in the living room where family members spend most of their time. People love to lay on them while watching movies and sometimes when relaxing from a stressful day. Furniture are being used daily so we cannot avoid the fact that it will become smelly. Sweat smells may attached to the furniture and seem to be difficult to get rid of. However, you are fortunate because there are many methods appropriate for removing this unpleasant odor and save your furnishing.

Here are two different methods that you may follow if you have to freshen up your furniture:

Removing Odor With Baking Soda

In doing this method you need to use several boxes of baking soda and vacuum.

  1. Start by testing the vacuum to determine if the suction is quite powerful to eliminate the baking soda. To begin, scatter baking soda on small portion of the furniture and vacuum it.

  2. Conceal the whole furniture with baking soda by sprinkling and rubbing it tenderly to absorb even the deepest odors.

  3. Let the baking soda remain on the furniture the whole night.

  4. Vacuum the baking soda to remove it thoroughly.

  5. Do this method again if needed.

Removing Odor With Vinegar

You will going to use white distilled vinegar, clean white towels and spray bottle.

  1. Start by making a cleaning solution which is a combination of one part vinegar and also one part water mix together in the spray bottle. For more serious cases, you can use two parts vinegar and one part water. It will greatly remove the odor, however the vinegar smell may take long to go away.

  2. Spray the solution now on the furniture to make the surface wet.

  3. Open the windows to let the vinegar smell disperse and allow the furniture to dry thoroughly.

  4. Repeat if needed until your furniture will smell fresh again.

If you have no time to do these methods provided above, you may hire a furniture cleaner to remove the odor for you. Just simply click here!