Ms. Bolene's Newsletter



Hello Parents!

Science test is Friday, we did our review for this yesterday and it went home. I am passing out new refrigerator cards today for the Solar System Unit. This will be a short Unit, so please use this refrigerator card and the note on the back to study with your child. There will NOT be a review that goes home for this unit. All reviews will be done in class, please keep in mind that I provide anchor charts in the classroom that students are allowed to utilize during the test, so remind your children to look at them! The test for this unit is on Wednesday December 16th.

Math Review for the Addition and Subtraction is going to be on Friday. Study this over the weekend because our test is on Monday.

I will be inputting several grades throughout next week, so be on the look for this.

Map Testing for Math will be December 15th. This is really not anything you can prepare your children for, but I just wanted everyone to know that once those scores come out, you will be notified on their progress compared to their Fall testing scores. One great resource for not only math, but also reading is RiverDeep. You can go to the website, go to library resources and find the link to riverdeep. The children can use their badge ID number to log in and password is abc, then you can go to Math or Reading games. They are GREAT and go along with everything we do in class.

Thursday December 17th will be our Classroom Party. I will be needing volunteers to bring snacks for the party. I will send home a list for this soon.

Please bring an adult sock for your child if you haven’t already, so we can pass out stocking stuffers J

I cannot believe half of the year is already gone! I am so happy seeing the progress of your children. Please let me know if you have any questions!

--Ms. Bolene


Please follow the link below to sign up for supplies for our Party on Thursday! Mrs. Thomas sent this out last week and so far no one from our class has signed up. This sign up sheet is for both Ms Bolene and Mrs. Thomas’ classes! We appreciate your help! Please also remember the 3$ for your child to have pizza! Spirit shirt is being sent home today. If you did not bring the $9 already, please do so.

--Ms. Bolene