November 2017

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You may only be one drop in the world, but even the smallest drop starts a ripple.


Every month we wish to highlight a student from DREAM and acknowledge their hard work, so students here is a chance for you to shine!

Hi my name is Alicia Santana, my hobbies are drawing and doing volleyball. I chose DREAM as my school, because it is a different experience for me, and something new I wanted to try out. This school is amazing, because I’m going at my own pace and I feel comfortable and able to learn better. I’m doing this project on Hispanic culture. I learned a lot about my heritage and culture and if I went to a different school I don’t think I would’ve done this, so I’m really glad I chose to give the school a try.

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Hi my name is Ashanti Santana, I am currently doing a project on the Holocaust. This really had a big affect on our world because it’s a historical event. I love how exciting this project is and all the new things I learn. I decided to do this project because it seemed correct at the time because I can understand what the U.S. could have done different at the time. This project is enjoyable.

(Interview Compiled by Genesis, Student Editor)

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Hi my name is Caileb Miller; I am doing a project on Pearl Harbor. I enjoy it because I enjoy military and this was related to it. It is going quite well. And I hope to do something like this in the future...

(Interview Compiled by Genesis, Student Editor)

KEY Club Corner

Key Club is a large student organization within DREAM, so we want to provide updates on its happenings. Update courtesy of Amy, Key Club Editor.

Key Club has big plans for December! We are going to hold a Pennies for Patients competition! Each advisory will get a sock for their space to put pennies into. Each penny you put into your advisory’s sock is 1 point, but you can put other coins or dollars) into other socks to take away their points. The advisory who wins will get a prize!

We will also be having a bake sale, so if you would like to bake goodies for us to sell, come find Amy H. or Hattie H!

We will announce the winner of the food drive competition on Tuesday, November 21st.

Key Club is still looking for new members!!! Join a meeting any Thursday at 11:30 to check out our group.

DREAM candids

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Where They Are Now

DREAM has graduates out in the world in various locations, so we want to highlight some of them!

My name is Miranda Stueckrath and I graduated spring 2017 from DREAM. I am attending Alverno in Milwaukee. I am pursuing a degree in History and Adult Education. Outside of

school I am working at Wauwatosa Library and a Business office on campus. I have many

experiences coming up, I am most excited to work as a research assistant to a faculty member this summer. I am extremely grateful to DREAM because I found I was very prepared for college in ways my traditionally schooled peers weren’t. I learned to challenge myself and others and think critically at DREAM and the skills I’ve acquired assist me everyday. I’ve learned to become a life long learner, a gift that keeps giving.

Parent/Guardian Perspective

Parents/guardians please send your input our way; we want parents to be as involved as possible!

DREAM Technical Academy has a School Advisory Council that meets once a month on the second Monday evening at 6:30pm at the school. Their mission is to provide guidance and direction for the school. The Advisory Council consists of 50% of DREAM staff and 50% of DREAM parents, community members, and a student.

We have an opening for a Parent/Guardian Representative term for the rest of the 2017-2018 school year! Please contact the Council Chair if interested: tknick@technicalacademies.org

Staff Spotlight

Greetings! My name is Melissa Hoffman Bodin, but you can call me Missy for short. I grew up in Atwater and am a proud graduate of AGC, now ACGC. I have lived in Clara City for the past 23 years with my husband Chad. We have three grown children and three grandchildren. Becoming a grandparent has been one of the biggest joys of my life! I am passionate about the outdoors, trail running, human rights, learning, traveling, living simply, and spending time with family and friends. I also love to read, write, climb mountains, and thrift shop. Prior to coming to DREAM I spent five years working at MACCRAY Public Schools and then transitioned to serving as the director of a non-profit advocating for survivors of sexual and domestic violence.

A little known fact about me is that I after graduating high school with honors way back in 1987, I proceeded to start and then drop out of college FIVE times before finally earning a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology from SMSU. A graduate degree in Education, also from SMSU, followed and a few months ago, I returned to the classroom once again, this time as a doctoral student at St. Cloud State University. Thankfully, even though I had some pretty painful moments along the way, I was able to learn from every educational failure that I had. It was when I finally settled into my sociological studies that I found myself and my education took off. Maybe that is part of the reason that I love being at DREAM so much. It doesn’t matter where students are at when they begin their studies here, they get the chance to start anew. Students get to study what they are passionate about and then they get to move forward in the way that works best for their learning. To come alongside a student and to be able to witness the moment that they take ownership of their education is truly inspiring. I am grateful to be part of the innovative and creative learning community at DREAM and I am excited to see what our future holds!

We need you!

In this section, we will be asking for supplies and/or volunteers for various projects & events. Please contact us or drop-off items if you are able to assist.

  • Volunteers to assist with school-wide activities on December 22nd
  • Individual with pottery wheel experience
  • Plastic cups and utensils
  • Paper plates
  • Butter
  • Volunteer math group assistants (DREAM math time is 9AM-10AM)

DREAM thought

“This is what school is supposed to be about: equipping an emerging generation to take their place in history; to improve their world; to solve problems and to serve people.” ~Marching Off the Map

DREAM is authorized by Innovative Quality Schools which is responsible for providing oversight of our school. For information about IQS go to www.iqsmn.org The website will also provide you with names, phone numbers, and email addresses.