Bring The Boys Home By: Freda Payne

This song is a Vietnam era song.

The Message Of 'Bring The Boys Home'

This song was protesting the Vietnam war, saying they need to let all the young men they have recruited to go back home alive and well, and get away from this bloodbath of a war.

Intended Audience

Freda Payne wanted anyone who would listen to listen. It's a protest song, so the more people the better.

The Mood Of The Song

Why was this song written?

Freda Payne wrote this song to make other people think about "what if that was your loved one out there?" She wanted people to open their eyes, and see the truth. Freda Payne wanted to make a difference.

Why this song?

I chose this song because it had such an impact on America that it was banned by the US Command from the American Forces Network.