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2005 was a very eventful year.

  1. Hurley, Chen, and Karim founded Youtube in February
  2. The beta site is launched in May
  3. Karim posts the first video on Youtube in April
  4. A Nike advertisement becomes the first video with a million views in September
  5. Youtube is launched to the public in December

Google bought Youtube in October 2006.

(Information above is from an article by Dickey)

(Image: Youtube Logo 2013)

Youtube revolutionized the way people use the internet. It allows the community of users to upload, view, share, and comment on videos. The success of a user or video depends on the amount of community participation. This is revolutionary because this form of media wasn't controlled by individuals.

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Portable Computer Sales Exceed Desktop Computer Sales for 1 month in the US

  1. March to May

This event does not belong to anyone in particular, but it happened thanks to people affiliated with making and selling computers.

Prior to this, portable computers were never more popular than desktop computers in the US for more than 1 month. This is because they were more functional and powerful, thus, more suitable for work. This is significant because it signifies the technological advancement of portable computers.


(Image: Desktop vs Laptop)

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