The Warrior's Heart

Becoming a man of compassion and courage

The story of a man named Eric Greitens and his journey through the training of the navy seals

Including his strenghs and struggles through the harsh training of the navy seals and also through the challenges of war

the Training

The training of the Navy seals is a hardcore program packed with pain and muscle aching training that will wear you out but leave you strong

Some of the training process used by the navy seals

Eric Greiten

Character analysis

Eric is a kind hearted, brave man who grew up in St. Louis, Missouri, graduated from Duke University and also attended Oxford University in England for one summer. He dreamt of helping people and joining the Navy Seals and succeeded in doing so. After the training to become a Navy Seal, he went on to fight in Irag and served as a humanitarian in Rwanda.


Overall, I though the book was very good. I admired the heart and courage of the main character Eric Greitens. I would recommend this book to people who like to read autobiographies, also for those who like to read about war and the armed forces. And finally to those who like to read stories that inspire people.