The Hallway Handbill

A Columbian Elementary Bulletin ~ 09.14.15


PTO had a great meeting last week. Mrs. Skaggs and Mrs. Schneickert were there to represent the school. Thank you for cashing your PTO check.


We are serving a record amount of students at breakfast. We are starting earlier in order to get everyone through the line. We have added a person in the hallway to help with supervision. Our duty teachers are doing an amazing job.

Weekly Schedule

Tuesday, Sept. 15: ACHE Dental Education; Progress Reports sent home

Wednesday, Sept. 16: 3:30 SIT and LADDER meeting

Friday, Sept. 18: 9:20 am- 1:30 pm 4th grade Field Trip to George Washington Carver; workroom copier reset

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Lori and I are enjoying getting to help teachers get better. We are doing unscheduled observations every week. Make sure your lesson plans are on your desk so we don't have to interrupt your instruction. We love to see the passion you have for teaching and the professionalism you display in all situations.

Graduation Matters

We have met on two groups of students and have two more scheduled. We are meeting on Wednesday mornings for both behavior and academics. If you have a student who you would like to get more help with, talk with Joyce for behavior or DeGee for academics.

Looking Ahead

Tuesday, Sept. 22: Boxtops pick-up; 4 pm Parent Advisory Meeting

Wednesday, Sept. 23: 9 am Tornado Drill

Thursday, Sept. 24: 8:15 Bright Futures Team; 12:20 pm 3rd grade Lunch with a Loved One; DIBELS testing

Friday, Sept. 25: PTO Popcorn sales (thru Oct. 8); DIBELS testing

Don't Forget!

- 4th grade: Make sure all field trip permission forms have been returned.

- Send home progress reports on Tuesday.


September - 2nd Heather Hunt; 13th Sherri Duffie; 20th Julie Brownfield; 29th Kim Meyer; & 30th Candy Harris