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If you want to see the Dome of Rock, the Western Wall, and more then you should go to Jerusalem, Israel.

Jerusalem is 31º46'N, 35º12F, some of the locations you can find are the west bank, gaze city, hebron, ramallah, beersheba, gaza strip,and more.

What Israel's money is called sheqel pronunced sh'kel. Israel has 67.8% of Jews and 30.6%Arab.
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In the old day Israel captured east Jerusalem from Jordan during the six-day war and subsequently annexed it into Jerusalem.
Some of the holidays Jerusalem celebrate are hannakuh, passover, and more.
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Jerusalem gives Jews a home land. Jerusalem is a holy city. Almost all of the people in Israel speaks Hebrew.
In Israel they fish and farm, the water pollution is very low. Dissatistation with garbage disposal is low. The noise and light pollution is low.
Some things Israel trades are bibles, cotton textile, grain, and one the worlds three major centers for polished diamonds.
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These reasons and more are why you need to come to Jerusalem, Israel.