Arctic Light K-8

Do Good Work, Be a Friend, Every Day - April 4th, 2022

Upcoming Events:

    • April - Month of the Military Child

    • April 12th - AK STAR Testing begins

    • April 15th - Purple Up Day

    • April 22nd - Intent to Return forms are due

    • April 22nd - 5th - 8th Grade Social/ Dance

    • April 26th - STEAM Night and Open House

    • April 27th - 6-7 pm Open House at Tanana Middle School

    • May 3rd - Art Night

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Principal's Message - Month of the Military Child

April is the Month of the Military Child: acknowledgements, celebrations, and recognitions for their lives as military connected students.

We wear purple on Fridays, share daily messages, have a big morning celebration on April 15th for Purple-Up Day, and at the end of the month we have a 'Spirit Week' celebrating the students. Add a few contests and a school social April becomes a full month.

The dandelion is used as a metaphor for military connected students. The image is of dandelion seeds being blown by the wind. The dandelion is a strong, fast growing and colorful first to flower spring beauty. It is a special student that gets the first Alaskan dandelions which grow on the southside of our school. Those sunshine flowers will be here soon.

  • Art Contests - First: Month of the Military Child art contest ends April 15th (see purple flyer below). Second: the most recognized student art pieces from our May 3rd 'Art Night' will be honored and made into canvas artwork. Submit your art with your teacher or at our office.
  • School Social/ Dance - April 22nd, 6-8pm for our 5-8th grade students. Tickets on sale later this week: $5 for entrance, 2 slices of pizza and drinks.
  • Families should have received the district newsletter about Free-Reduced Meals - If you have any questions about school meals, paying for school meals, and federal funding for our school give us a call at (907) 356-2038.
  • Full snow gear is still needed. Students need to wear all of their snow gear while the snows still cover the grounds.
  • Bunny Pictures Canceled - we had a generous donation that will have to wait for another time.

It is that time for us to plan our classes for next year. Come August we will be a Kindergarten through Fifth Grade Elementary School. Please return your 'Intent to Return' forms by April 22nd to helps us plan for a successful year. The more information you add the better we can place your child, though we can only fulfill request to a certain degree. Forms linked here:

Do Good Work, Be a Friend, Every Day.

Principal Keener

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Link for 'Intent to Return' due April 22nd

Copy this form and email to your teacher

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Alaska Report Card for Arctic Light K-8

This link goes to the State Report Card for Arctic Light

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Alaska 'District' Report Card for FNSBSD

This link goes to the State Report Card for FNSBSD

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Coaching Corner - Hannah Wright

Here’s six simple tips for parents to help your student perform his or her best on testing days.

1. Prioritize attendance

Tests are ultimately intended to be a measure of how well students have learned the material being taught in class. With that in mind, what is the best piece of test-prep advice for caregivers is to do what you can to ensure that your child is fully engaged with his or her classwork throughout the year. If your student is absent, check in with them to make sure they can make up what they missed.

2. Communicate with teachers

Regular communication with your child’s instructor can help you gain insight into his or her progress. Make a point of meeting or talking with your child’s teacher to understand what your child is working on, what he or she will be tested on, and the areas that he or she is excelling and struggling in.

3. Talk to your child about test taking

Have open, ongoing conversations with your child to explain the benefits of testing, focusing on how it helps them, their teacher, their school, and other educators understand their strengths and weaknesses and figure out the most effective ways to teach. You can also use this opportunity to ask your students how they feel about testing, and offer reassurance or perspective if they have any anxiety around exams.

4. Offer positive reinforcement

A little encouragement can go a long way in helping students walk into testing days feeling confident—which, in turn, can have a huge effect on their performance. Praise your child for the work that he or she does to prepare for testing, and share in his or her excitement when he or she has success with a new concept or skill. Similarly, when he or she is struggling with a topic, point out the progress that he or she has made and encourage him or her to continue working. Having already experienced success with the material that he or she will be tested on will help your child avoid test anxiety and perform to the best of his or her ability on testing day.

5. Support healthy habits

Sleep and nutrition can have a huge impact on your child’s ability to focus and retain information. One of the most helpful things that you can do as a parent is focus on supporting these basic needs. Well-rounded meals and a regular sleep schedule will help your child succeed in the classroom on a day-to-day basis. On testing days, it’s especially important to make sure that your child gets a good night’s sleep and starts the day with a filling breakfast.

6. Debrief after the test

After testing days have come and gone, talk with your child about his or her results and how he or she felt about the test. By discussing their thought processes and feelings, you can gain further insight into what he or she is struggling with and excelling at and then help him or her better prepare next time. Talking about testing can also help your child process the experience and overcome any anxiety that he or she might have had.

FNSB School District Accreditation

District Accreditation information linked here.

As part of our continued efforts to raise student achievement while maintaining efficient and effective operational practices, the FNSBSD is undergoing an accreditation review with Cognia. Accreditation is voluntary and certifies that the schools and districts meet high standards and provide a quality learning environment set forth by expert evaluation teams. You can see the District's accreditation webpage if you want to learn more.

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Counselor Corner - Kate LaSota

Resilience is the ability to bounce back from stressful experiences, such as the small ones that come up everyday and the larger ones that come up every year. Bouncing back means having stressful feelings get smaller or go away so that our bodies can rest and heal, and so that we can feel connected to others and safe.

To bounce back from stressful experiences actually takes exercise – just like bending your knees and pushing off on a trampoline to get airborne.

Resilience increases when we exercise because when we move our bodies we are increasing circulation to the 400 miles of capillaries in our heads. Exercise also uses and strengthens the parts of our brain associated with regulating our emotions, understanding a bigger picture, and relaxing us through endorphins.

When people use computer screens for recreation, they are often not moving around very much for circulation and balance.

To increase resiliency in your family, walk everyday multiple times! Steps on the ground support steps in your head for feeling happier and healthier.

UAF Summer Camps

Your First Step is

Go to to apply for "free or reduced" lunches or download the app. Qualifying students will receive a scholarship to the Summer camp that takes the price from $230 to $25. After you finish applying on, fill out the scholarship form below and

contact Ms. LaSota at the school at 907-356-2038.

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UAF Camp Information Linked Here

Explore the many summer camp opportunities

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PTA Corner - Taharra Thomas

If you are interested in being involved with the PTA please contact me at 920-660-9615. We are looking to finish out the year prepared to build our foundation for next year. We will be looking to fill PTA positions in the fall and we are always looking for volunteers. We are currently selling Papa Murphy coupon cards as a fundraiser ($10).
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Monday Humor

I don’t know who needs to know this, but

even if a bear wears socks and shoes, he

still has bear feet.

I arrived early to the restaurant and the manager

Said, do you mind waiting a bit. I said no.

Good, he said, take these drinks to table 9.

Dad, can you tell me what a solar eclipse is?

No sun.

Finally, my winter fat is gone.

Now, I have spring rolls.

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*New* Wellness Check

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Parents Guide to the Curriculum

One of the best guides to our grade level teaching expectations.

Big picture Free/ Reduced Meal Application

Takes a few minutes - can save you a bundle and support our school's academic programs

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