2015 In Review

Top Three Companies that Marketed Themselves

Apple - Apple stands out each year using all of their creative outlets in order to draw people in, and they do so each year with succession.

Nike - Nike always never seems to disappoint with their motivational ads and are always ready to respond to their competitors.

Geico - Geico always somehow comes up with ridiculous commercials with a talking gecko as their mascot, and it always captures the attention of the crowd.

Best Two Products of 2015

1. Organ producing 3D printers

2. The Green Cube

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Worse Two Products of 2015

1. Google Glass 2015

2. Apple Watch

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Top Movies of 2015

1. Creed - Was marketed through ads online, commercials, and through radio ads. They were also being advertised at each local theater.

2. Star Wars: The Force Awakens - Marketed all throughout the city through word-of-mouth, ads online, commercials, and radio ads. Was heavily advertised at every local theater.

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Top 2 Music Artists of 2015

1. Tori Kelly - Marketed through YouTube as her main outlet, but also marketed her albums and music through events such as the VMAs and the radio. She has also collaborated with many distinguished artists and has also collaborated with famous Youtubers in order to raise publicity for not only herself, but those she has done projects with.

2. Taylor Swift - Marketed through the radio, TV events, music events, and tours. She has worked with many other people and done interviews with reporters. She has also raised awareness to many of her beliefs and helped small artists grow, which then allows herself to grow within their community.

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Top 10 Movies of 2015

1. Spotlight

2. Phoenix

3. I'll See You in My Dreams

4. Clouds of Sils Maria

5. Iris


New Years Resolution

Personal Improvement - Become healthier and more organized as a person.

Family and Friends - Become more honest with them and with my answers.

School - Stay active in completing work and not procrastinate.