Wednesday Minis

April 6, 2016

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PRESIDENT Jennifer Mandelblatt

Hi Everyone,

I hope you had a wonderful break and I can't wait to see your faces. Thank you so much to Ruby, Imani and everyone who shared their thoughts and experiences at Diversity Dinner last night. The next topic is Socioeconomic Status. I will send out the sign up on Sunday.

Also, get ready for Sexual Assault Awareness Week!! Panhellenic is cosponsoring so check out the awesome list of events (sorry I'm biased) and I'll see you there!

Much love in AOT,


VP ME Elise Czuchna

Lineage Appreciation this weekend!!!!!!!!!!!


Additionally, if you ordered Bid Day photos and haven't picked them up yet, please email me. I would gladly keep them, but I don't know that I need 10 copies of the group pic.

You are loved.



reminder that pc16 has a recruitment training meeting with me after chapter! attendance is mandatory and will be taken, so please email me (mc2225) legitimate excuses by saturday at 11:59 pm if you cannot attend.

i love the chimes but can they not play while i'm studying,


VP OPS Grace Winant

Hey friends!

Keep applying for appointed officer positions and send me a letter of intent (1 page max) just talking about the positions you applied for! You can talk about just your top choice or all your choices...just write some words and send them my way! Deadline is April 28th 11:59 PM!

VP CS Miranda Deane

~philanthropy forever~

TOMORROW: phi tau karaoke: keep signing up to help

ps our mixer after is right next to phi tau, so if you help clean up you can just walk over to the mixer :)

if you singed up for food please message me how/when you are dropping it off! 6304877621

APO reached out to us to partner up on a fundraiser for Relay for Life!! So April 12th- 15th from 11-3 on Ho Plaza we are hosting Pie for Life with them! Getting pied and making money~ please volunteer if you can :) I know were all busy with class

sign up here! woohoo


for all you wondering about points for formal heres what events are left:

Internal events:

-Karaoke Night with Phi Tau

-Pie for Life with APO

-Working KDs table at Realy

Girl Scout:

-We are having our next event the week before formal!

External events:

-Anything Haley sets up- keep an eye out

-Going to Relay for Life

-Derby Days

-Any other philanthropy event we aren't hosting!

Woohoo philanthropy FIVE-ever

wow that was a lot, sorry not sorry


VP PR Imani Sanders

VP Standards Jacqueline Pecaro

Hi everyone,

We still need 3 more sober monitor volunteers for Saturday! Let me know if you're interested and available!

Just as a reminder, PC'16 can also now volunteer to be a sober monitor. Thank you to those of you who already have volunteered!



PANHEL DEL Erin Powder

Hey there!

SENIORS SEND ME CUTE PICS of your cute selves being fun and flirty for the Greek Senior Ceremony! I don't know details tbh but we everything is better your faces are involved. Bonus points if you're wearing your letters!

Sexual Assault Awareness Week is April 11-15!

Greeks Give Back (Day of Demeter) is on April 23! I'll be asking for volunteers at the next chapter meeting then picking AOT groups to fill the rest of our 10 spots! If you have any questions reach out to Josselyn or Madeling!

If you have programming or large event planning experience and would be interested in doing that sort of thing for Tri-Council events reach out to me ASAP

External philanthropy opportunities:

SDT Eat Pi -- 4/8 from 10pm-2am at CTP

AXO and Chi Phi -- 4/16 Handball Tournament at Appel Fields

SDT Eat All Day -- 4/28 this definitely involves food

TRI DELT Nachos at Night -- 4/29 10pm-1am in Ctown

SDT Jog for Josselyn -- 5/8 haha exercise

Happy hump day!

Love Panhel Del

Appointed Officer Announcements


happy wednesday biddies ~~~

Heres the plan:

Thursday —— We have philan w/ Phi Tau. They invited us to come hang before the event tomorrow so feel free to hit up the house early if u down to chill.

Thursday AFTER philan. AEPI mixer theme: nerds/athletes (@ miranda deane )

Rides to house and jasons if u need.

also the house is right next to Phi Tau so its a 15 foot walk u can do it!!

Friday night:




Us, Pi Phi, ZBT, Phi Sig, and an UNKNOWN FIFTH. what an exciting time to be alive and well

@ phi sig house.

They are flying out a DJ (dj skittles???)

Theme tbd.


Emma + wee wee

Senior Club Chairs


We are graduating in 52 days. That sucks. But here are some things we have planned to make our last days on the hill the best they can possibly be:)


Senior Brunch: Sunday May 1, 12:00PM @ Country Club of Ithaca

Senior Wills: Thursday May 5 7PM-9PM @ Lambda Chi Alpha

Senior Wine Tour: Thursday May 26, 10AM-4PM

Senior Banquet: Friday May 27, 5PM-7PM @ KD House


  1. RSVP for Senior brunch by Monday April 25 by emailing Jen @
  2. Fill out the Senior Wills survey!!
  3. Send ratchet videos and sweet photos to Justine (jbb282) for a senior wills video and a senior banquet slideshow.

More Detailed Info:

Senior Brunch: Nice brunch tradition, where you will get inducted into being a KD alum! You get a nice brunch and your ~graduation cords~. Don't forget to RSVP by emailing Jen @!

Senior Wills: Coming up in a month so get ready!! Please pair up and fill out the survey so that we can coordinate. We HIGHLY recommend going in pairs. Sign up here . YOU ONLY HAVE 5 MINUTES. So plan your give-aways and stories accordingly.

Senior Wine Tour: Senior KDs only (no boys, no parents) and ALL senior KDs are encouraged to come (we don't give a shit if you have no points, same goes for banquet). We are visiting Grist Iron Brewing Company and Catherine Valley Winery! The bus will pick us up in college town.

Senior Banquet: New tradition we are starting to commemorate the last four years and share them with our families. We will have appetizers banquet style and a champagne toast. It will take place at the KD house early Friday evening (May 27, 5-7PM), so plan to have your family come in by then, and coordinate any dinner reservations you may have so that you can come. We will have RSVPs closer to the date and expect to put down 2-3$ per head!

Thats is for now! Much more detailed information to come!:)



Relay For life Chair






April 8th


Level B


Over & Under Admission but at 10:40 underage will be kicked out.

At 11pm Level B will open up to the general public.

We are blanket crushing PIKE, LLENROC, and LAMBDA!!!

Seniors get two dates & everyone else gets one.

No nicknames! We need full names & email addresses/netIDs no matter what school they go to or they will not be allowed in!!

Dates must be signed up by TONIGHT at MIDNIGHT!!!!!!

We are sending invitations so if your box is grey - leave it alone! It means that we have sent an invite to your crush(es). YAY!

I will be sending out a detailed explanation of all of the rules and guidelines for the event probably tomorrow! Keep your eyes peeled. It is extremely important!


April 30th


Hangar Theatre


Girl Scouts

Save the date: our next GS event is scheduled for Saturday April 23 from 1-3 pm at the KD house. We are going to give them a "tour" of different fields of study by doing interactive activities and presentations for subjects that they may not be used to learning about like nutrition and interior design. Also yay this event is before formal so older sisters can get there GS point in time!

Stay tuned for more details and sign ups coming soon!


LGBTQ+ Liason

"PEGS (Peer Eduators on Gender and Sexuality) will be coming to Kappa Delta house next Wednesday, April 13th at 6:30pm. Though it is not required, I encourage all PCs to attend to learn about the queer community to make our chapter a more inclusive environment. You will even get a sisterhood point for it! Hope to see you there :)"




Looking for sisterhood points? Craving a nice cup o’joe? Look no further! Sisterhood chairs are coming in hot with ~sister coffee dates~. So what are sisterhood coffee dates you may ask? Basically we (sisterhood chairs) play cupid and pair (or clump) you with another sister who you may not know as well. Then, on your own time grab coffee with your match, snap a pic, and voila great convo and a sisterhood point! So don’t be a weenie and sign up by SUNDAY 11:59 April 10.

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fun4juniors/pc14 madeling and marissa

GET PUMPED because we have a fun event planned for this Saturday......**PURITY ICE CREAM TAB!** It will be this Saturdayfrom 4-6pm! Marissa and I ask that you keep your order to a single scoop with one topping to ensure that the tab won't run out before everyone that goes gets their yummy afternoon ice cream! (in the event that it does run out, text Madeline and Marissa and they'll take care of you!) When you go to order your ice cream, just say you are part of the KD group -- preferably wear a piece of apparel! :) Use the groupme to arrange rides!

Next weekend (April 16th or 17th), we are planning a trip to Syracuse to go to **SKYZONE and DINO BBQ!** Fill out this survey to give your preferred day/time! Skyzone jumping fee will be paid for while the Dino BBQ will come out of your pockets.

<3 mads and mariss


Hey guys!

Henleys and hats are here! Stacy will be passing them out Thursday from 5 - 6 PM and Ali will be passing them out after chapter for half an hour. You MUST have someone pick up apparel for you if you can't pick it up yourself!

Apparel chairs

Other Announcements

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Community Engagement Showcase

Date: Monday, April 11
Time: 5:00 – 7:00 pm
Place: Physical Sciences Atrium
Now in it’s fourth year the Community Engagement Showcase is an opportunity to highlight faculty and student community engagement projects, both on- and off- campus. Presenters are encouraged to apply for the monetary awards (faculty and staff) to provide continued support to their community partners and their projects. More information about the Community Engagement Showcase can be found on the ELR website.

How to Apply: The student presentation application. Student award application. The George D. Levy Faculty award application. All applications are due by Friday, March 25.

We’re Hiring! ELR Student Ambassadors

Are you interested in community engagement and addressing social issues? If so, apply to be a Student Ambassador for Engaged Learning and Research (ELR)! Through this on-campus paid position ($10/hr), Student Ambassadors will assist with the development and management of projects targeting undergraduates and other members of the Cornell community. Duties include grant administration; event planning; outreach; evaluation and reporting; professional development; and learning more about the community engagement field by working alongside ELR staff on individual projects.

Learn more about the Student Ambassador program and Engaged Learning and Research on our website.

Job Description: The Student Ambassador job description can be found here. We are hiring for summer 2016 and for the upcoming academic year, Fall 2016 to Spring 2017.

How to Apply: Send your resume and your cover letter (1 page each) to Rochelle Jackson-Smarr,, by Friday, April 8.