Lawrence 4A

Final Exam

Rule Of Thirds

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I learned a lot in this class like understanding what aperture, ISO, and shutter speed is. I also learned about the different types of light that could impact a photo. For example indirect light , direct light, and refections. One of my favorite project was the humans of Fossil Ridge, and the reason why I like it was because I was actually kind of curious myself as to why people think it's better at the Ridge. My least favorite project was the SAT words, the reason why I didn't like it was because I would've liked to be taking pictures of something else. Now after taking this class I have a new found respect for photojournalists knowing what they have to do for a photo. I also have a deeper understanding of what going into a photo and what makes a good one as well. Hopefully I will be able to remember and use these skills I learned in this classroom.
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Humans Of Fossil Ridge

"People are annoying sometimes."- Paul Osegueda

SAT Alphabet

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