Math in A Week

Ms. Mustafa's Kindergarten

The kindergartners engage in daily math activities that range from writing daily math entries to using various resources to complete math assignemnts.

Number of the Day

Now that the kindergartners have learned many math concepts, they can apply their knowledge to number of the day. They identify the number that comes before and after, tell whether its odd or even, and draw tally marks among many activities.
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Math Journal Entry

Everyday the student make a math journal entry based on what they've learned on that day.

Addition and Subtraction Centers

The students use various classroom resources to complete their addition and subtraction equations and math problems.


To strengthen their understanding of newly learned concepts-for this addition and subtraction- the students play math games on iPads that require some degree of mental math.

Transition Activities

Between activities, the students either choose or is assigned to a math center.