quit smoking !!!!!

dont puff your life away by: cris cazares

health issues

  • tobacco smoke contains over 4,000 different chemicals
  • at least 50 chemicals known to be carcinogens could cause cancer
  • its also known to cause harmful health effects of smoking
  • world wide smoking has caused five million death per year
  • on average, smokers die 14 or 13 years younger

harmful chemicals in cigarettes

  1. benzene(petrol additive)
  2. formaldehyde(embalming fluid)
  3. ammonia(toilet cleaner)
  4. acetone(nail polish remover)
  5. nicotine(addictive drug)
  6. carbon monoxide(car exhaust fumes)
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how to quit

  1. use the patches that help you
  2. chew gum
  3. all ways be busy
  4. go to rehab
  5. ask for help