LA Core 2

Marshall High School 2016-17 Quarter 3 (.5 ELA Credit)

Course Description

This course is a survey of literary elements which will help students develop analytic and interpretive skills in reading, writing, and speaking. LA Core 2 focuses on difficult human experiences in order to address the basic question: Does human nature naturally tend to be compassionate or evil? Students will engage in Lit. Circles around a novel of their choosing . Supplemental readings are also selected to enhance their skills and understanding of the material. Key assessments in this course will provide students with a variety of 21st Century experiences, including oral presentations and web site building. Additionally, students will focus on literary analysis, figurative language, plot structure, characterization, and themes.


Just tell yourself:

“I am somebody. I was somebody when I came. I’ll be a better somebody when I leave. I am powerful, and I am strong. I deserve the education that I get here.” –Rita Pearson

Assessed Student Learning Targets

A Word About Proficiency Based Grading

Terms to know this year:

Proficiency- dictionary definition--> a high degree of competence or skill; expertise

We will use the word "proficiency" to state a student's progress in a class. For example: Are you proficient? means are all your assessments currently complete and at a 70% or higher.

Proficiency Lab- block of time between first session and third session for making-up missed or low-scoring practices and assessments. This is required time and attendance is taken.

Standards- essential skills determined by the state and school for every student to be successful at the next level.

Practices- assignments required for feedback and tracking progress. A high number of these are required, but the score will not impact your final grade.

Assessments- how your standards are tested to see what you know and if you can apply what you know- ANY ASSESSMENT BELOW A 70% MUST BE RETAKEN if you want credit for the entire course.

Rubric- a common scoring guide used in credit by proficiency.

Rubric scores equate to:

6= 90%-100%

5= 80%-89%

4= 70%-79%

Anything below a 4 is INCOMPLETE or INC


2/1= anything less than 60%

Proficiency Grading Policy

Each student must achieve a score of AT LEAST 70% on each AND EVERY assessment in order to be considered proficient and receive a passing grade for the course. If a student scores below a 70%, the grade will be considered “incomplete” until the proficiency assessment is passed. Until every proficiency assessment is passed, demonstrating that each standard has been rigorously met twice, the final grade for the class will appear as an “I” and the student will have up to three weeks of proficiency lab support to pass the proficiency assessments for credit. Once the proficiency assessments have been met, the student will receive .5 credit for the quarter.


PRACTICES ARE REQUIRED. You cannot do a book project without reading the book. While reading the book does not earn you points, the book project will earn you credit in the course. You have to do the practice. You cannot take the assessment without the practice.


Before retaking an assessment, you will need to show growth in areas by re-taking, revising, or completing practice assignments for better scores. Proficiency Lab will be assigned to support you in completing these practice and retaking assessments. If the incomplete assessment is in the form of a formal discussion, there will be an alternative assessment to complete.


Be aware of the available Saturday school times. This can help you catch up on any last minute missing practices or assessments.


You DO NOT have as much time as you want to make up assessments this term. You will not be taking assessments 8 weeks after they are given. This is not fair to anyone involved in the education process.

You will have up to two weeks after a practice or assessment is due to complete or re-take the assessment. If your work is incomplete at the end of the quarter (November 4th), then you must complete a form requesting more time. There are a number of qualifications you must meet to be eligible for this time. Be aware of those before it is too late!

Lit. Circles: Fiction

Mrs. Thompson

Room 103
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