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May 5, 2019

Notes from Niki

This week we have PLC meetings scheduled. The agenda will be pretty quick and simple. I would like to get "2 Stars and a Wish" from everyone regarding PLC's. What are 2 benefits you have seen from grade-level PLC's? What is something you would like to get out of PLC's and haven't yet? Your answers are not going to hurt my feelings or the PLC leadership committee's feelings. Our learning has been slow and deliberate this year (that's the design of the training)- developing culture and climate; not necessarily the "meat" of team meetings. We will also use our meeting time to discuss next year's schedule, supply lists, and any end of the year stuff that needs to be discussed.

Our faculty meeting on Tuesday morning will simply consist of Staff Appreciation Breakfast. I cannot say thank you enough for the dedication of all of our team members. There is never a doubt that if someone needs assistance, it will be provided. You work your tails off to provide our kids safety and security, guidance and support, and a quality education. I have never doubted that we have "The Best Staff in the World," so please enjoy the treats this week.

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Upcoming Events


May 3- Special Olympics

May 3- Student of the Month Assembly- Pie the Teacher, 2:45

May 6-10- Staff Appreciation Week

May 6- 5th and 6th Grade PLC meetings

May 6- MS Honor Society Induction, 5:30

May 6- Band Concert, 7:00

May 7- MS Faculty Meeting

May 7- Jillian, Erika, Jaelee POD

May 7- Choir Concert, 6:30

May 8- 7th and 8th- Grade PLC meeting, 7:20

May 8- 5th Grade Play Practice after school

May 9- Macy and Kadyn POD

May 9- Board of Education Meeting, 6:00

May 10- 8th Grade Promotion, 6:00

May 10- Families In Action Dance, 7:30-10:00

May 10- Honor Society Lock-In, 10:00

May 14- 8th-Grade Field Trip

May 15- Reading Counts Incentive Trip

May 16- HHS Graduation

May 21- Grade-Level Awards (6th-Grade: 1st Hour; 5th-Grade: 2nd Hour; 7th and 8th Grade: TBD)

May 21- Student of the Month Assembly

May 22- Last Day of School, Incentive Day

May 23- Staff Work Day- I believe the district gathering will be in the morning, but don't have any details yet