Hodgkins Family Newsletter

September 28-October 2, 2020

A Message from Mrs. Swieckowski

Hello Hodgkins Families,

Just a few reminders this week.

  • Please remind your child to charge their device every night. If their device is not charged for the next school day, they will not be fully ready for their learning day.
  • The weather is starting to change, so please remember to dress your child for the changing temperatures.
  • As a reminder, the building doors open at 8:25 AM. There will not be supervision before 8:25 AM so please do not drop your child at school before this time.
  • With the changing of the seasons comes the arrival of seasonal illnesses. If your child has any of these symptoms for longer than 48 hours, we are asking that you keep your child home and contact your pediatrician for further advice. I ask that you keep us informed on the status of your child's health. We are here to answer questions and support you and your family to the best of our ability.

Have a great week!

With Kind Regards,

Mrs. Swieckowski

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Upcoming Events

Friday, October 2nd: Meet with the Principal, 10 AM-11 AM

Please join us for our weekly virtual Meet with the Principal event. This meeting will take place on Zoom and all parents are welcome! Mrs. Swieckowski will give building updates and will answer questions. The link to the meeting will be sent in an email to all Hodgkins parents.

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