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Produce your own energy - The great idea to use a plug

....... and the challenge to get the point behind these kind of systems.

Because if you see this system as a set of 4 PV panels with a smart and wonderful easy storage system, high-end DIY for everybody to install and use - you are right.

WE SEE MORE - we see the future in your house. Everybody is talking about home digitalization - but nobody tells you where to get the energy from.

Nowadays everybody understands the story about natural resources - now imagine all people can act easy with the Baseload Buster - but what the BASELOAD BUSTER could be too?

The first generation of power producing interfaces on grid to reduce the power bill with SOME BIG advantages:

  • they show the FUTURE
  • they are scalable
  • they will be connected to virtual swarm power plants
  • they will totally run the power management in your house and control all power interfaces
  • they will be mobile


Every time when something big came down to desktop size - no matter which industry - everything changed. Lets start us building the energy market new NOW !

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BASELOAD BUSTER - on backerjack.com - understand the idea to use a plug for storage systems

Baseload Buster on BACKERJACK.COM:

Who doesn’t want to reduce their electric bills? But shifting one’s house entirely over to a solar panel energy system from a fossil fuel-based energy system can be costly.

The Baseload Buster from Amsterdam company Sun Invention offers a third solution that uses photovoltaics (PV) to convert solar energy into direct current electricity. The system includes four solar PV panels of 250 watts each that collect sun during the day to create a maximum of 1,000 watts of pure energy during daytime harvesting. Excess energy is then stored in Lithium batteries to deliver energy during the night or during especially cloudy weather. The PV panels run with an extra cell optimizer to avoid large losses during energy production.

Users can adjust the storage setting on their own based on factors including the region it is being used in, what season it is, and personal consumption level. Sun Invention is looking to raise €20,000 (~$24,200). Backers who spend €2,950 (~$3,600) will get the four panels including a new solar cell optimizer, and a 20-meter connection cable that connects the Baseload Buster connection box to the user’s existing home grid energy system. Country-specific AC connectors are ready to order also and versions for both 50 Hz and 60 Hz grids can be offered by the company.

The system sounds promising. But while the Baseload Buster is clearly less expensive than switching over entirely to a solar energy system, it is still too costly to attract mass consumer adoption. It is also hard to gauge just how much savings the user can expect to see each month.

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