Extra Space or Extra Income

Proven Designs With Small Foot Prints suit most backyards

Looking after the elderly or giving teenagers a retreat

Keeping the family together and giving them their space is a problem easily solved with a Port-A-Home. This compact design is very workable and affordable. You also have the option of obtaining a decent rental for the home. One bedroom homes can rent out as much as $200p.w. in some areas. Do your research and you'll find the numbers stack up.

There's plenty of designs to choose from......also plenty of different cladding and finishes

Finally an Investment that makes sense. For $30,000 to under $100,000 a Port-A-Home is the answer to wasted back yard space

In these days of low interest rates and scary financial markets, this easy to understand investment could be the answer you are looking for. With a housing shortage and high rental demand these beautiful Port-A-Homes are returning 20% or more which is better than money in the bank. Better still they are portable and can easily be used as needed and sold to recover the investment. Any way you look at it a Port-A-Home is value that's hard to beat!


Demountable Temporary Structures that can make a difference to you and your family
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