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Get a FITBIT for Christmas?

Do you have a Fitbit? Maybe you are considering getting once since so many of your co-workers have one? Well if you have one or do get one, please considering alarms to help keep track of time. I set my watch to go off 2 minutes before the bell. The physical reminder of my arm shaking lets me know it's time to get packed up. There is also a repeat button which will help you out. I can also assist with this if you'd like.

Accidentally Closed A Tab?

So I already shared this tip for Chromebooks (ctrl + shirt + 1)

On Desktops

Ctrl + Shift + T

On Macs

Command + Shirt + T

Google Classroom Finds

I had to do a presentation on Google Classroom yesterday and learned a few new things.

There is now a post a question function, so if you turned off your wall for commenting this

is a way you can ask the kids a question without having to worry about unblocking the wall.

There is also a reuse post function. This is nice if you have an old class that you are going reuse a post, but I found it most useful for when you create a post and forget to copy it to all your classes. Instead of recreating it you can just use this function and recreate the assignment or announcement then select all of the classes.

Extension: Keep Awake

This extension keeps your computer from falling asleep, so the dreaded blue screen will never come up again. Once you install it click the icon (night/sunset/daylight) and have it on the sunlightt setting.

Extension: Black Menu

Pretty much puts all the things we use for Google into one easy menu where you don't have to open tabs unless you really want to. Just starting to use it but seems pretty cool.

Below are some reviews.

Don GabeModified 3 days ago

Easier access to everything I need with my emails and google drive documents! This is awesome!

William McKeeverModified Aug 22, 2015

I rely on google services to keep my business running and this is fantastic. I love the ability to switch accounts and see relevant information without having to open a million tabs! Bravo